#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade

All four goals were big goals, at important times.

  1. This was the goal that got the comeback started. We’d played all over them, but Thomas and Cox had just slotted goals and the game was at the absolute crossroads. Had to kick it, and he did.

  2. The half time bomb speaks for itself.

  3. Keeps the momentum going with a team-lifting pack mark, and converts.

  4. 9 points down at the 20 min mark of the last, he weaves through traffic and snaps a classic crumbers goal.

We gotta get this guy into at least 1 grand final in his career. He’s made for it.


Yep, I was surprised to constantly be reading how Joe shouldn’t be in our team and how we are better without him.

High pressure games like on Thursday you absolutely need big game players and Joe is one.

He’s a superstar.


I would like to point out that Trelor is Daniher’s ■■■■■. How many times has he sold candy to Trelor and kicked a goal now…


Maybe Josh Caddy could help him out.

Which was the field umpire who had to involve himself in someone else job then?

Why can’t they just let the goal umpires do their job, if they’re not sure, they’ll tell you.

Ruined the crowd reaction a bit.

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Kicked 4.0. I fully expect him to kick 0.4 next week.

Ryan, of course.

Some flog on Twitter made the self-important claim that Joe ran off the mark and should have been called ‘play on’. Must have missed the bit where Buddy has been given greater latitude than Joe took.

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I loved the anger in his face after that last goal. More of that big Joey!!

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They’ve actually changed the rule formally now such that players can arc like that in a set shot even after the siren, similarly they can line up side on and snap around the corner without it being called play on.

Bottom line though, he’s ■■■■■■■ back! Proper back, fit and ■■■■■■■ humming.


So after voting for Hookesy, vote Joe


I don’t know it was mentioned but his grandfather’s funeral was the day before ANZAC day wasn’t it?

I thought Ryder’s goal was better :slight_smile:


Putting it into context. There are probably only 2 players (Buddy and Joey) that can kick that goal. I see goals from the boundary line almost on a weekly basis these days. Betts can’t kick the goal Joey did, but Joey can kick the goal Bett’s did. The boy is a freak.


Is Ryder still a long kick?
I remember him dobbing a long one with Knights on the boundary urging him on.

It was a 55/58m kick. There’s lots of players that can make that.

No, Cox who is 7 foot was standing 55m out, and then there was Moore who is 200cm tall standing on the goal line. The kick was well over 60m.


Still…hardly Joey or Buddy. There are maybe another 20 players that could kick that goal. Maybe more.

Name them all or it’s not true.


David Myers would give it a crack

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Not any more.

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