#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


yeah hes good. but he aint on the level of JOE


Joe was appointed to the leadership group for a reason.

He’s a pro.


Given the mods have closed Wins thread, I figured I’d dig this one up.

Using Daniher in the ruck and Stringer as the only KPF for parts of today doesn’t help our structure.

Happy for Daniher to run around at times, but our structure was rooted.


We needed two of Jake today.

Robbed a lean forward line whenever we put him in the middle.


Sometimes Daniher…that should be his handle and that is the major problem with our forward line. Until he contests ( ducking head and throwing yourself forward … is pointless Daniher, the ump have got you summed up ) every contest why would you kick to him.

Today he was weak as ■■■■ and the main reason we lost IMO. He farks up our forward line when he doesn’t want the ball AND make no mistake, today he did not want the ball. Didn’t chase or pressure, no excuses Today.


Geelong and Collingwood are quite tall.

I don’t know that we’ll come across that set-up again for a while, but asking him to do what he’s doing is not okay.
He can’t be a Cameron or a Hawkins or anything like one of the competition’s elite forwards if he’s spending that much time on the ball.

I don’t know if T-Bell needs more ruck minutes, or if we need to bring another tall in (and yes, I’m aware of our injuries, but we do have at least two other tall options), but Francis didn’t work, and we can’t expect Stringer to carry the load on his own either.

I’m not saying Daniher has to play deep at all times, he’s quite good at half-forward and sometimes further up the ground, but he has to spend more time as a forward.


Bellchambers was injured and restricted from the end of Q1.

Brown is injured. Stewart is injured. McKernan is injured.

We needed someone to do some ruck minutes in the absence of all of the above.

Last week Daniher kicked 4. His first game back he kicked 2. There is no systemic problem with us ‘not playing him as a forward’.

Absolutely nothing to see here.


Agree with Wim, we really need Clark or McKernan to be the second ruck/fwd.


Belly did pretty well last couple of weeks though. But yeah we need someone to give him a chop out, and ideally it’s Brown/Smack.


Yeah I’m not changing Belly, or rather it’s between him and Draper. But I’d prefer Joe can just concentrate on being a very good key forward again.


Yep agree


The point about him messing up our forward structure is well made. We have limited alternatives - with McKernan, Brown, Stewart and Laverde all injured - but, when Daniher plays, the predominant method of entry into F50 is long and high on Daniher’s head. And, more often than not, he either gives away a free by going for an “unrealistic” 1 in 50 speccy or he runs under the ball and dives forward to try to draw a free.

We are also effectively a man short as soon as the ball hits the ground because his defensive pressure is poor.

In short, we become one dimensional and predictable when Daniher plays.

The stats are pretty telling. Since round 1, 2018 we are 2 wins 9 losses when Daniher plays and 13 wins 7 losses when he doesn’t.


There is a big farkin obvious asterisk in those stats, though.


I was a fan of his prior to 2017 and stood up for him while he’d get somewhat abused for his performances.
2017 altho a great year personally for him, his show boating and prancing around like he’d actually achieved something, twirling his fingers around cos he’d kicked 5 goals, that to me just put me off him.

when you’ve actually achieved a decent playing history or career and you pull that fancy stuff off sure, but early in that year he was missing goals left right and center, then pulled off some great games and brought his own publicity.

2 years on and like you say, either jumpes to early and unrealistically or just flails through the air trying to milk a free.
trys to do the flashy stuff when he does have the ball, that he is not equipped skill wise to do, esp with a year ish out of the game, and then as others have said spends most of the game just standing there pointing to kick it long.

I know there’s no other options, and i know they wouldn’t drop him, but someone seriously needs to sit him and and tell him they need him to compete better and stop prancing around like a show pony and play within your limits, and that you are 6’6 you are not a skilled 6 footer, so stop trying to act like it.


I’m not one of those people in the “Hooker forward” camp, in fact I’m firmly in the “Hooker Defence” group, but considering our injuries up forward and our depth down back, it’s at the stage where he is our best forward option.

A forwardline with an unfit Daniher, Francis and stringer was never going to work as they all like to hang out deep without presenting leads, playing into the defences hands, although stringer at least altered his preferred game.

Missing Orazio also meant we were missing our best leading forward.

Hooker ff, with Francis or Hartley as the 3rd defender would have made us a better side.


If you’re looking for players to present leads, why would you move Hooker forward? He won’t help with that


*The Mark Neeld effect


I think we can form a top 4 level forward structure with Joe, Fanta, Tippa, Stringer & Brown as the core, but they need 10 games together to become really dangerous in September. Stewart provides good coverage for Brown, Smack for Joe, and Begley or LAV could potentially provide the 6th option. Injuries have killed off these options, but they are not LTIs so there is still hope we can get this part of the team structure working.
Fanta is the glue that holds the forward structure together.


With TBC we need a second rick he can’t go all day. Francis did not work at all and without Stewart, Brown or Mckernan we need Draper or Clarke to play.
I understand we’re trying to build a great team and that means pretty even contribution but for the time being we have some stars that should be the match winners.
Daniher is one of them and should be playing as a deep lead out forward. He kicks it 60 and getting on a long lead goal square to 50, not many are going to stop him having over 5 shots a game. Needs to play 50% game time inside 50 and kicking 20 m into the space for him to run into. Put walla or Fantasia by his side for the crumb and one running toward goal for the second crumb.
Our back line is settled but our midfield and forward are playing even contribution instead of embracing our stars. Mediocre players have to suck it it up and just play a role, let Daniher, Fantasia, Walla, Stringer, Merrett, Heppell and Shiel run riot!


“Kick it to me ! Kick it to me!”

Careful you don’t graze your knees on the bitumen, JD.