#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Yep. Joe was always going to be rested a couple of times this season. It’s good management. It’s not panic time until they rest him for 2-3 games in a row.

It made sense now too because he’ll play another 3 games after this weekend and then get the bye.


2x Premiership Captain
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I’d be glad for him to replicate Terry Daniher, but I assume you mean one of his other uncles, maybe Neale?


Yep mixed them up. I’ll change it.


Maybe i’m being stupidly optimistic, but I think this was probably always planned as a means to avoiding the return of a long term injury.

It’s amusing that plenty of people are complaining about this decision yet it was probably the same ones who bagged the club for playing him in 3 games after short breaks last year


He’s cooked


He is coming back from a long term injury, to have him play so many games in such a short time is a recipe for disaster. He will be back next week. Let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down…

…ah who am I kidding HE’S COOKED!!


He is not sore because of a 5 day break, rather he is avoiding a 5 day break. He just came off a 10 day break and has general soreness.



…he was always going to be rested.


Unfortunately both can be true.


I dare say there would be more ‘resting’ and ‘managing’ if we could keep on winning.


Guess we’ll know more next week. If he plays, most likely just rested. If he doesn’t, we start to panic.


Yeah… the thing that worries me is that he played the Geelong game as if he was injured so him out this week may not be due to the 5 day break…


Im going full panic until proven otherwise


Not 100% sure about that. He didn’t really get much of an opportunity because Geelong’s defence was so good, and Blicavs played well.


humble-brag alert!


The highest point at which Joe can take a mark is falling by the week.


Trade bait. Get it done.


Nah he was just comprehensively beaten. Big ask for his 3rd game back after such a long break. He’ll be fine.


No doubting that he was beaten… but he certainly wasn’t leaping very high in the air for marks


Blicavs comments

And given his running capacity JD wouldn’t have been given an inch of space