#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


He has bulked up more than I ever thought he would in his career.
Looks an easy 5-10 kg heavier.


So now slower, can’t jump or turn as well as 2016…thats great. Will be able to wrestle full backs though


Does he? I don’t think so. Looks the same as last year


Definitely looking bigger, but certainly not by huge amounts.


As long as he’s bigger in the ■■■■ and legs to protect his groins a bit I’ll be happy


Concur, he is definitely bigger.


Woosha commented a few weeks back that Joe had bulked up.


This pic on Bellchambers Instagram made me giggle


Don’t even know why anyone buys bathroom scales any more

Just upload a photo here

Blitz will tell you you’re both ripped, bulkier, skinnier, fatter than last year, and also diagnose any orthopaedic issues you might have.


The are indeed quick to offer me their thoughts.


Just don’t ask what your height is, and you should be fine.


In that Instagram photo I note that Joe can’t completely cross his legs, indicating to a newly trained Blitz photo analysis eye that his groin is still sore, or that he’s built his groin up to such an extent that he’ll never fully be able to cross his legs again.

To this Blitz indoctrinated photo analysis specialist, Zerret appears to have developed his groin to such an extent that he can no longer get his knees together.



Joe’s groin always builds up when he’s around Merrett.


You think too much, or you are trying too hard.


Wont join the main group till after the xmas break

Our best forward since Llyod now has OP that will most likely plague him for the rest of his career.


Settle petal ffs.


We don’t know. We just have to let things play out. Unlike other players who’ve been injured plagued, Joey has started his career very durably. He played 23 ,22, 22, 21 games the previous four seasons to the current one. Gumby was as follows, missing whole years in a row (fark he had a shocking run). So this maybe a minor setback.



You try crossing your legs with something that gargantuan in the way…


justin crow spoke like he was a hostage being forced to give good news when he spoke on the latest injury update about joe


He’s farked. Trade him while he still has value to Melbourne for Oliver.