#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Message is clear … build him up slowly with running, progress him a little more after the break, they’ll be guided by how his groins respond to the increasing work load. Doesn’t sound promising, does it? No rush to get him back tho. As long as it takes. Too valuable an asset to risk.


It has plagued many a player in years gone by, Nino, and they have still managed to forge successful footy careers. Chris Judd is a recent example, however, there have been others - Cam ‘Moons’ Mooney, Jonathan Brown, Nick Maxwell, & Kouta from FC.

Is the ‘magic healer’ Pat Allen still alive? Would be around 80 - if still alive. His focus on improved blood circulation to resolve inflammation issues went a long way to resolving many of these cases. Rest, physical therapy, etc - the club will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to see him play again. I’m reasonably confident that they can manage it and that he will still end up being a champion player.


No need to panic about Joey. Let’s have some faith in our clubs fitness programs.


Great use of sarcasm there son




Trade season is over.




I’m glad he only had early onset of OP. Because at this rate of recovery, if ever got OP, he would probably never walk again.

You have to wonder how bad it actually was


Not intended to be sarcastic


Sounds very similar to his build up before his season so far


Brad Crouch had it so badly that they operated. He is now starting to sprint again. They’re just being super conservative with Joey so it doesn’t pop up again in 12 months time.


This is not news to the grog squad.


Although from memory… wasn’t he in the modified group and missing most pre-season sessions in 2016/17 - which led to his best ever season?


Didn’t get a full pre-season:

Joe Daniher.


Had a 12 month pre-season: Joe Daniher


Is alex.f.94 a troll , hmmmm






Pat is still alive and still treating patients.


So how is his kicking accuracy going to be this season? He hasn’t kicked a footy for over 6 months.
All feel is gone but hopefully all bad habits are gone too.