#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


By who, his mum?

Clarke is back up. There are far better forward options than him


Yeah, but this is Blitz. Mosquito hasn’t even trained with us properly and he’s being mentioned as a potential starter already.

I guess it is a new pre-season though so anything could happen, but I think our best 22 last year was pretty good and there’s already a queue of young blokes who have shown a lot at VFL level who will be hard to overtake.

With only TBC as a genuine ruckman and Draper lacking experience the ruckman position is probably the least competed for, so Zac might have a chance.


Allowing Clarke to ruck would also mean Joe would not be needed to provide a chop out for TBC. How important is that? Considering the OP l reckon it has b=to be factored. SMack does not fill me with any confidence when he goes into the ruck, even against other second string rucks. McNurnan’s lack of nouse will be found out even more and exploited by other teams as part of their tactical planning. l do like the physical presence he provides in he forward line, when he engages full beat mode, he is a rampaging beast. Zac strikes me more as a Clarke Kent type by comparison.



As in Zac Clarke Kent.


I thought he tightened up his technique significantly in 2017 and the majority of his goals were still from set shots. After the Melbourne game it was very rare that he missed any simple shots where in the past he was extremely dodgy even from 20 metres.


I’d think it’s McKernan OR Clarke, but not both in the one team if TBC is playing.

And a lot depends on whether teams go back to two rucks, one often resting forward.

McKernan would be likely to play forward, giving TBC the occasional chopout.


The fact that joe is still not training with the group is concerning.

I hope I’m wrong but OP plagued Chris Judd career lost his ability to run for long distances.


He has had a very long rest which is the best treatment for OP

He is busting to return

He will be fine


I’I’m already getting used to life without him. Written him off.


You don’t happen to have a car or a house that you have written off??? Have I got a deal for you.


what a kent


What people seem to forget is, it’s only this year he’s had this injury. It’s not 2019 yet.
Obviously with all long term injuries, including Gleeson, the club is taking it slow to make sure they are ready for NEXT YEAR.
Plenty of time to make sure he’s up and about for (hopefully) Round 1.




Joe Done-iher


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There is an element of doubt because at various stages we were expecting him to get back to play finals

That obviously didn’t eventuate but then you would have thought he’d be cherry ripe for start of preseason which isn’t the case

That said they probably just backed him off again & will be working to the program they think will best deal with the issue which is careful management building up to being ready for round 1 … hopefully!


This is all speculation. For all we know he is 100%. They’re probably just keeping the Ferrari in the garage until they need it.


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