#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Frustrating, but couldn’t agree more.

I think we learnt last year that Smack and Brown are both better than a Joe with a sore groin.

We can afford to nurse him back to full fitness, I especially don’t want to see him ever do the 3 games in 11 days or whatever it was early in the year. If he has a twinge he gets a week off, would even consider a game every 2 weeks when he starts back.

Does he play VFL? This would be good for regulating his workload, and we do have cover.

Hopefully he embraces whatever is going to be best for his recovery and the sides performance, the two go hand in hand.


I can’t wait to see those twirling fingers again, but I’d rather first see him in round 11 than have him done by round 11.


Joe kicked just as accurately as Tony Lockett’s career stats for the remainder of the season in 2017 after his 1 goal 6 against Melbourne.

Last season doesn’t count because of his soreness.

Joe can kick straight when he puts his mind to it.


Why doesn’t the 1 goal six against Melbourne count?


Just saying that after that performance, when he copped the most criticism for his inaccuracy, he became as accurate as the most prolific goal scorer of all time.


Because it was the Daniher game.
Having all the Danihers watching and attempting to live up to Neale, Terry, Tony (& Chris) all at the one time is not a recipe for a calm and measured approach to kicking straight.

Bit like playing your first Grand Final and getting the nerves out of the way.


I think he needs to demonstrate he can kick accurately over a larger sample size.


i’d like to see him just kicking a football at this stage.


He kicked more accurately than Buddy and Riewoldt for the whole 2017 season including the Melbourne game.

The media just got a hold of him and talked it right up because he started laughing out of frustration when he was having a shocker.


He has the illusion of being a better goal kicker than he is.

The three OOB on the full kicks don’t get recorded.


They actually do mate. If you look up the goal kicking accuracy stat it includes OOB on the full kicks. If you didn’t include it in 2017 he’d be shooting at 60%. Including the OOB he is 56%. Higher than Buddy and Riewoldt in the same year.

I use them as examples because they are the last 2 Coleman medal winners.


Right now I don’t even care about his accuracy, just want to see him fit and playing because it’s just good to watch him play.


We know Joey can kick amazing goals. From 60m out, tight angles, soccer style, doesn’t matter, so long as he’s running high on adrenaline and confidence.

It’s the OOB from easy set shots, and the misses when he rushes to play on from easy set shots that we want him to eradicate.

When there’s no adrenaline or confidence, then you need to rely on good technique, which he struggles with.

I know he had an incredible run in 2017 (did he kick 16 straight?), but I don’t recall many of them being from set shots and from memory he was passing off a lot.

Damn he’s an exciting player, even when he misses. I really miss seeing him out there, I hope I don’t have to wait too long.


Joe is living with Zac Clarke
Clarke said Joe is looking forward to returning to full training with the other boys soon

say no more!!


Don’t underestimate a forward line with clarke and Daniher next to each other and the package, orazio Tippa dancing around them

Of course there are others too who can play a role down there if need be
Smack, Parish, Smith, Bags, Brown, TBC , Mozzie

Etc etc etc

Selection will not be easy when deciding on Clarke, Smack and Brown

This forward line has so much power

Can’t wait


I would have thought Clarke was just ruck backup to TBC? Reckon if Joe is fit, Smack is the second tall.


Unless someone actually kicks the door down in pre season you’d think so.


You are probably correct
howevet I am told Clarke will be a very pleasant surprise


Agreed. But they’ll also need to learn a bit about the way the combinations work. (And that includes the way the talls combine with the mediums as well).

Daniher, McKernan, Brown, Clarke, Stringer, Laverde, etc etc It will be all about finding the right chemistry, and finding it quickly. None of McKernan’s good form last year was with Daniher in the side. They’ll need to learn how to maximise the impact when working together.


lt will come down in large part to preseason form. Who offers us more?
SMack McNurnan is probably more of a presence in the forward line, with a good attack on the ball, but his deficiencies in the ruck limit his effectiveness.
Clarke more competent in the ruck and has also kicked goals but at a lower level.

Then there is the chemistry either can develop with Joe Dan, which might take a little while to develop. It isn’t even 100 % certain Joe will be read for R1, but if he is you would think he is a walk up start. So the other 2 are competing for the same position. Then there is Mitch Brown, while not a ruck is also competing for a tall forward spot and acquitted himself quite well when given his chance.

Lots of different pieces still to be juggled and shifted around to fit into this puzzle. Early days yet, this picture won’t become clear until a couple of weeks before the season begins.