#6 Joe Daniher - taking some time away from Blitz




The adductor muscles of the thigh connect the lower rim of the pelvic

bone (pubis) to the thigh-bone (femur). These muscles exert high forces

during activities such as soccer, hockey and football when powerful and

explosive movements take place. High stresses are concentrated especially

at the tendon of the adductor longus tendon where it attaches to the bone.

This tendon can become irritated and inflamed and be the source of

unrelenting pain in the groin area. Pain can also be felt in the lower abdomen.


Athletic groin pain due to chronic injury to the adductor longus muscle-tendon

complex usually can be relieved by releasing the tendon where it attaches to the

pubic bone. A small incision is made over the tendon attachment and the tendon

is cut, or released from its attachment to the bone. The tendon retracts distally and

heals to the surrounding tissues. The groin pain is usually relieved since the injured

tendon is no longer anchored to the bone.

It takes several weeks for the area to heal. Athletes can often return to full

competition after a period of 8-12 weeks of rehabilitation, but it may take

a longer period of time to regain full strength and function.


As with any operation, there are potential risks and possible complications. These are rare, and precautions are taken to avoid problems. The spermatic cord (in males) is close to the operative area, but it is rarely at risk. There is a small chance for bleeding in the area. There is a small (less than 1%) risk of infection after surgery. The success rate of adductor release surgery is high if the pain is coming from the adductor longus tendon. Pain can also come from an associated lower abdominal strain, which may require additional (or concomitant) surgery. If the adductor is painful on only one side, occasionally the other side can also be strained and become painful.



Within one month of surgery

• Preoperative office visit for history and physical examination and instructions

• Complete blood count (CBC) if indicated

• Electrocardiogrm (EKG) if indicated

Within several days of surgery

• Wash the upper thigh and groin area well with soap or Hibiclens

• Be careful of the skin to avoid sunburn, poison ivy, rashes, etc.

The day before surgery

• Check with the doctor’s office for your time to report to the surgical unit the next day.

• HAVE NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK AFTER MIDNIGHT. If surgery will be done in the afternoon, you can have clear liquids only up to six hours before surgery but no milk or food.

The day of surgery

• Nothing to eat or drink

• You probably will be able to go home shortly after surgery.

• Bring crutches if they were provided prior to surgery.

• You will wake up in the operating room and be taken to the recovery room. A sterile dressing will be in place and your legs will be stretched out to the sides. You should keep the legs stretched out to the sides (abducted) continuously for the first two or three days after surgery (starting in the recovery room). An ice pack will be applied to the groin area to reduce pain and swelling.

• When you have fully recovered from anesthesia (usually in 1-2 hours), you can go home.

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Fark Both! Hopefully not at the same time, taking a King Henry would’ve been a nightmare :joy:

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The fact you think the club shouldn’t be seriously looking into this issue is simply dumbfounding. If a review or report confirms that the approach taken was correct then all good - but I’m highly skeptical that absolutely everything was done 100% perfectly.

I remember hearing a speech from someone who flew the Flying Roulettes. After each flight they debriefed as a team to understand exactly what they did well and what could have been done better. You know what they never got things 100% right. This was despite never having a serious accident.

If the Essendon Football Club as a professional sporting organisation isn’t looking at everything it does in fine details then the organisation is more screwed than Joe’s groin. Imagine if we hadn’t taken any learnings from the saga because we thought we got everything right.



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I can’t stop what people talk about on here.

It’s what they do.

No not everyone does but most do. If some one can’t get it at the club they begin with, they look elsewhere. And; why wouldn’t you? Its like a getting a big promotion winning a flag.
All of a sudden you go from being a player to being a premiership player, your worth as a player and a person changes. And as we are finding out, they are hard to win.

In most cases I’d say you can add zero qualifications, zero experience, zero experience working in a professional sporting club or at a professional level in any organization for that matter, zero experience playing sport, zero experience coaching sport etc etc.

Just a bunch of footy supporters who spend their lives commenting on a fan forum and believing they are all of the above. That the majority think they could do a better job is actually hilarious.


Shut this thread*. Wish Joe well for the surgery, recovery, and 2020.

*Sarcasm. Where would we go to weep if we shut this thread?

the biggest thing I would add is - what on earth else would the club say at this point?

Yea, we ballsed it up bigtime? expecting a lawsuit?

I mean geez, the “external communication” is of absolute zero relevance in times like these. It is damage control and nothing else.



Joe Daniher.

Shouldn’t have had a beer.


just caught up on the news, huh?

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Geez what a load of dribble. The club constantly reviews things so stop carrying on like they don’t.


Nope. 2 years apart. And yeah, going to the loo was a different experience.

Not asking you to. I was extending on your comment about Joe’s professionalism being questioned.

I agree. I’m talking about players feeling the losses as much as supporters. Not their loyalty to a particular club. I think what you’re saying kind of backs that up.

My comment is in direct response to @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS who is convinced that the fitness team did everything right and wouldn’t be reviewing their processes as couldn’t have done anything better.

I would like to think the club is constantly reviewing things. Unfortunately the way we have started the past 2 seasons leaves me skeptical on if we are. We shouldn’t be making the same mistakes again.

Good point. We are constantly making the same mistakes as a club

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Was going to say, taking a Henry with just one operated on was a mission.
The drugs were awesome though :joy:

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I just ticked off the review of the fitness staff as to the management of Joe D’s OP, but note that it’s still an ongoing process so I can’t elaborate any further at this stage.