#6 Joe Daniher - wants out of Tulla on the full

No one.

You’d parachute Sibbald in, probably, and rotate Joe and Gown and Hartley to help him.

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You thought about that, and couldn’t come up with any other alternatives?

Remembering that you support a side that played NLM in the ruck in a final.

When Daniher coolly slots his fourth goal everyone will realise we made the right call and he should have played all along.


Where’s the evidence it has worked?

If Belly was at full capacity I doubt we would be playing Clarke.

We have had to play two rucks out of necessity and nothing more. Just because we have won doesn’t necessarily mean it has been a success.

Winning, holding our own at clearances and not getting dominated around the ground by very good ruckman are all ticks for me


So we can’t win without a second ruck?

That’s pretty much what you are saying.

Our outside players have been the ones that have stepped up the last two weeks.

… to add to his 9 behinds

I’ll call that 5.3 today as long as we win.

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I was comfortable with the structure and I wanted JD to have a week or 2 in the vfl. That’s what I’m saying.

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If there is one team I’d rush him in to play, it’d be North. They’re very suspect down back and I think Tarrant can still be found out due to his poor preseason. of course, we’re testing him out with someone who has had an equally poor preseason.

Winning form is good form. Can’t argue there.

Would have liked to see Draper given a shot though.


Interesting how woosher said in the presser that ruck is less load then ruck for Joe then fwd.

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Oh, that’s just basing it on TBC output over the last few weeks compared to Mitch Brown.

Damn statistics hey.

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This will not end well


Not that I played at afl level. And the amount of running fwds do these days is a lot more. But fark me ruck was a hell of lot harder then chf.

I’d imagine playing forward requires more high intensity running and would be more crash and bash, whereas running in the ruck is more endurance based.

Have to disagree, chf is by far the hardest position on the ground. Though a lone Ruckman wouldn’t be too far behind

Ergrhh just witnessed Joey miss 3/6 within 25m of goal warming up. RIP. Hope they’re the bad ones out of the way. Didn’t extend his kicking to beyond 30m.

I wouldn’t be complaining if that was the late change

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Good to see you back Joey!

Easy to forget just ow good he is and the trajectory he was on.

Injury aside he’s still a superstar!