6000 days today since EFC last finals win!

Yep, 6000 days have passed since our last finals win. What a disgraceful record for such a powerful Club.

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this finals drought before? First I’ve ever heard of it.


Haven’t we suffered enough?! I don’t need this at the top of my screen!!

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Ehh, 20 odd years since the last premiership is the one that bugs me.

Being able to win finals, but not premierships, doesn’t really mean much (see St.Kilda).

Sometimes you just gotta face the facts of life!

Xx years of mediocrity?!!?!!1221! Tm

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We’ll smash 7000 days easily.


This is my 20th anniversary of having the GF guarantee.

I blame me.

Gee its getting serious

Other teams play finals, we just do a final.

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Its the North one that still gives me flashbacks.

Still ■■■■■■■ ropeable we ■■■■■■ that one away.


FFS, who fkg cares.

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Remember that night vividly. Drinking with my best mate and girlfriend at the time. I was so gutted. fkn drew petrie.

We’re not powerful.

I do. it really, really annoys me. to be honest it hurts.

what a utterly humiliating and embarrassing statistic for a professional sporting club


Hmm 6000 days without a final win, which really is a meaningless statistic, or 27 grand final losses.

Or 66 years without a flag.

Or one flag since 62.

I know which one I’d rather.

Half of those days have been off season. So it’s more like 3000. And then we only generally play once a week, so it’s more like 330.


It sounds better when referred to as our last finals win came 8640000 minutes ago.


Everyone here should.


We used to be.