60th birthday present ideas

Not sure if this is the place for it or somewhere else but I’m trying to buy a present for my old man for his 60th. Want it to be Essendon related seeing as hes been following the club since 1964. Match day experiences are allocated already and the club said he can do a tour of the facilities. While that sounds good I reckon I should spend more than $20 on him.

Any ideas? Really desperate here


Not too fussed. Up to $1000 probably

Signed framed guernseys are always appreciated by most people I know

Got him one. Also got him the 84-85 frame artwork

Case of Hooker Shiraz

Only drinks VB. If Hooker delivers it to him then it might be an option. Huge Hooker fan from day 1.

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Plenty of blokes are :grinning:


Well played

Wonder what a day in the Coaches box is worth?? … IF it could be arranged …?

Think that is part of match day experiences, (I think)

Essendon themed Number plates??

In my humble opinion - without knowing your dad at all.
At that age, you kinda either have everything you need, are in a position to get it if you don’t, never wanted it in the first place, or would want to choose it yourself anyway. So I would consider gifting him something that isn’t money-based, essentially. Something like a nice family do, that makes him feel loved and included and special. A lot better than something shop-bought.


Tickets to EFC B and F or a GF package?

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Was thinking B&F but we’ve been before. He didn’t mind it.

Get some hirdy memorabilia from the mossgreen auction

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Take him to THE ROYAL


Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like oogling teenage boobies with your son.


Hire out a corporate box for our game against freo? No idea hoe much the cost is though

Think he already has that. Catch up Mondays for dinner, Friday night’s I go over and watch the footy together plus essendpn game where we balance each other out. The match day stuff would have been awesome because that will be for him and he can enjoy it. I’ll do that for his 61st