#8 Ben Hobbs

Nah sorry, don’t have access to that or know where to get it.

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The diving on the ball is useless in todays football. Just leads to a pile on and more likely to be pinged holding the ball

Just surprised it wasn’t coached out of him years ago. It maybe works in the “little league”

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I’m honestly not worried about that at all. Most of the frees against are a result of him attacking the footy like a madman and getting caught HTB. That will naturally improve with experience and more strength to break free of the contest.

He’s a ripper.


You’re not wrong, :100:

Completely agree.


Thats fair

Unpopular, alright. The kid is barely 20 years old and you’re comparing him to Parish at 26 and on big money in the prime of his career.

Ben is getting the kudos because he is embarrassing his more senior team mates on effort and determination, if anything.


Imagine bringing Darcy parish into this thread as an excuse to ■■■■ on Ben.

He was tough and hard at the footy. Didn’t seem to notice him turning the ball over too much. Maybe because he actually cracks in and hardly has a chance to dispose of the ball, it isn’t as easy as other players.

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Poor Alex is so angry at everything… cracks me up. Read the comments mate… its how you can debate a player and discuss his game without insulting or immature remarks… try it. Its a whole new world on the other side.


There are some (for lack of a better phrase) “elementary” skill errors from a number of our players and I think it’s fair to say alot of them attribute to inexperience and age - Hobbs falls in that category.

I’m absolutely loving what Hobbs is offering and love that Brad’s giving him exposure in the guts - very valuable for his development moving forward.

EDIT: he reminds me a bit of Joel Selwood.

Again… I am not comparing him to Parish as that would be silly… i compared fans REACTION in here to Hobbs game if Parish was to have his stats with 12 turn overs and just 3 clearances/3 score involvements. One is a good game in here… one is not… but could be same stats. As i said i love Hobbs but thought he was off. Its not insulting the guy lol… its just an observation for me personally. Its ok to have this view. I respect others like Temple who raise good points to counter. Healthy debate


Draper, Tsatas, Hobbs.

That’s a strong group in the middle to build around.


That’s if we can keep them fit and healthy all at the same time. :innocent:

I don’t see the difference in who you build the midfield around. If Parish is the player you build around or Hobbs or Merrett or Perkins you just need different players to compliment the ‘build’ around players skills, (and deficiencies).

There’s also not many players in our team who are willing to take the bump or tackle, if it buys a team mate more time.

Very rarely do we have players who will hold the ball that extra half second, draw the opposition player to them, then lay off the handball to buy their team mate time and space.

Hobbs is someone will takes that hit many times a game.


I think the point is that Parish is irrelevant when talking about Hobbs’ development as a second year player that’s probably already our toughest midfielder.

His output at this stage of his career needs to be celebrated. He’s tracking beautifully and will continue to improve. He’s not the finished product like some other 26 year olds in the team.

Hobbs is the most unEssendon/Dodoro midfield selection we have ever made, he and Caldwell are the only midfielders we have that dont panic if contact is imminent.

Now we need a couple 190cm mids who arent panic merchants and we start to cook

Well said, exactly my point.
He is the only other midfielder aside from Parish (Hobbs is even better at it) who holds onto the ball without fear of being tackled.
Both of them have that 360 vision in packs, and both of them dont panic with the pill.

Darcy doesnt either, to be fair.

Blitz is starting to resemble that guy on the socials “…this player is good/bad and you can’t change my mind”