#8 Ben Hobbs

I wouldn’t be surprised if footage of Ben Hobbs has been highlighted at AFL Umpiring meetings.

He is unfairly getting pinged holding the ball most games, for simply attacking the football then getting instantly tackled. Opposition players are standing back waiting for Hobbs to attack the football, and then laying the tackle or jumping on top of him.

It’s simply not in the spirit of AFL football.

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I review each game. Weekly Podcast probably developed that mindset. Hobbs has the brightest future and will be a gun. So both can be a view

He hates body contact and rarely absorbs a tackle and disposes, Parish is a get in clean and out before the tacklers come type of mid, and hes good at that.


Yeh not a shot at you cjohns

You’ve lost me. What am I angry at, I haven’t insulted you at all, Id prefer you dont just make things up. It’s weird that a dude in his second season playing a tough inside mid role is being compared to a player in their peak who plays more on the outside, particularly when the comparison is on their disposal efficiency. It’s very weird.

Obviously the standard people hold Parish to is much higher than they hold Hobbs to on their disposal is different as a result, and the reaction to their games would therefore be different. It’s bizzare that Parish is being brought into discussion on Hobbs’ game at all.


Why is that bizarre? They’re similar players that play the same position in the same team. Of course there’s going to be discussion where they get compared to one another, regardless of age and experience discrepancies.

hobbs needs to grow up a bit and stop playing for frees and admonishing umpires for missing them, theres a clear dislike for how he plays from them.

a) they aren’t similar players at all
b) you can say the experience gap is not relevant, but it is relevant when you determine the standards on certain aspects of their game that you decide to hold them to

Date of Birth, 16/09/2003 (19 years old).


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keep diving head first into everyhing might be lucky to still play in 5 years

[quote=“CJohns, post:4759, topic:24181”]
its how you can debate a player and discuss his game without insulting or immature remarks… try it.

Great advice

It’s just how we’ve always played.

I reckon if anything it‘s a good example of how misleading stats can be in isolation. Hobbs current deficiencies can be overlooked because he’s so young and plays a winning brand of football.

If Parish played with the same physicality and urgency as Hobbs, we’d have a top 5 player in the league on our hands. It’s the difference between he and someone like Oliver. Similar skill set, but one just absolutely froths the contest.

I reckon the criticism Parish gets is completely fair since we have 8 years of him to judge, and I reckon Hobbs epitomises the way we should aim to play football. Combative, physical, sometimes unpolished finals-type football. That’s why people are prepared to wear a few turnovers at this stage of his development.


Thinking back now I can’t really remember a bad turnover from Hobbs but I can remember two from Parish. For what it’s worth I thought both players played well.

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Stats say 12 turn overs… and 9 clangers. Even for me that seemed higher than what i thought.

Far and away my favourite player at the club. Just love everything about him

Will be our next captain

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Our midfield was being well held by Norths. I think that is reflective on the pressure being applied.

McGrath will have a hissy fit

Looking Ben’s 2021 draft class, I’d have him top 5 based on what we’ve seen so far. Going very nicely. Will be a GUN


Imagine if Hobbs did that is far more a relevant criticism than imagine if Parish did that.
And if Hobbs kicked it straight to the opposition, under zero pressure, where three players raffled it, from half back, completely opening up our defence…then goshdarn I’d be the first to say OMG Hobbs, what were you thinking?

There are clangers and there are CLANGERS.