#8 Ben Hobbs

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Oh lordy lordy llordo, lloydo. The worst thing you can have is an in an under kid with a will to win the contest. As depth in his third year.

The game has moved on and his type are redundant.


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The kid is 20. He had played within spit of the average number of AFL career games for all draftees. I think writing him off might be just a teensy bit early.


That he is in his third year and still developing and will be more than ready to take on more responsibility when the time comes, just as Durham, Caldwell and Parish have already emphatically proven.

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People are fools to write him off, but if a club comes with a better offer it may be hard to keep him

He’s ya classic head in the trough ball winner.
Not a damaging kick and we can expect he will improve that.
Unfortunately, he’ll never be quick enough to be damaging on the outside.

He must…MUST change that first instinct he has to take on the tackler when he has a clear HB option.
It happens virtually every game, and often costs the side a scoring opportunity or ground position.
This is his biggest weakness IMO.


His biggest weakness is that he just goes to ground too often and too easily. It’s an u18 trait that wont cut it any more. It’s easily fixed……


Jason Johnson.

But he’s not a powerful burst player like JJ was who would just train through bodies like Dangerfield at full-tilt. He’s a slippery ‘phone-box’ player with some tricks in tight, smart hands and 360 degree awareness.

First option.

Im a long time reader but dont often post. After watching us on Sunday, im beginning to wonder if Hobbs being injured has thrown our midfield dynamics out. We also seem to have lost some of the earlier season ‘essendon edge’. Looking forward to having Hobbsy back!


Given Setterfield is out for a couple and Tsatas needing time in the reserves you’d think Hobbs will come straight back in against the WEagles - hope so!


Thanks Ben

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More to do with Setterfield, Draper, Parish, and Hunter.
Also, we hadn’t drafted El-Hawli, yet. Which really hurt us.

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There is talk of Heppell playing on next year. He’s in good books. It is a mistake Essendon have made year after year and someone else misses out an opportunity.

I think the opposite, we are constantly letting our best players retire early because they are holding some kid back, what we should do more is find them a role to strengthen the side. Which Heppell is doing.
Geelong do this to perfection.


Ummmm he‘s barely played any midfield time this year

We really miss his hardness and in and under quality in the middle. He is also incredibly defensively minded

Scott has a tendency to develop players in multiple areas - in and out, back and forward. Hobbs is a little one-sided. That’s what’s holding him back I reckon - working on being more valuable outside and forward.

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It might mean he is like parish, couple of years of starvation corner before he explodes in the midfield when his endurance build up.