#9 Brendon James Goddard


Not after the 6 year earn at Essendon.


I wouldn’t mind so much if I thought we were going to improve. Or him going would improve us. But I dont think him going improves us. And I have zero faith in the club to be able to effect a change in our performance. So you get rid of someone who is easily our best 22, wants to play on, has a lot to give the younger players…


Not sure about that. Long time to spend it all travelling the worlds golfing meccas.


That’s not a bad scrap heap.


BJ and Jackson and Looney going frees up big dollars/ maybe even a million bucks. All three off the list won’t diminish our performance.
But boy does it a provide a huge opportunity in the market.


I really don’t think those guys leaving will give us an advantage over any other club. Everyone has players leaving.


I am not concerned about the other two. Jackson was never going to get a game and there is no place for Looney. They are no where near the same class as BJ.


Makes it easier to let BJ go then. Need to find an advantage somehow.


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Not all earning Goddard money.


You need to shed a tear or you’re not a real man.
Don’t bother replying. Just deal with it hero!


Righto mum.


Just catching up with the video now. Love the emotion from bj and others. Shows how tight the group is. That’s a good a thing


The guy was photoed with his peniss in his hand. Nuff said.


Better than someone else’s peniss.


Nailed it.


I’m sure there were more photos. That was just the best one to let out.


I hold my peniss in my hand every day. If someone wants to document that and share it then be my guest.


Last year was tough watching Stants go round in the VFL. The fact he was effectively a playing/co coach, helped. He was great and that’s probably why/how his coaching career has started. I don’t think BJ would do what Stants did.


Life membership and a role at the club with new player development and preparation.