#9 Brendon James Goddard


Don’t think he’ll ever coach tbh. Don’t reckon he has the patience required. if he ever does, it won’t be any time soon.




What makes you say that?




Does Clarkson strike you as a patient man? The Scott brothers? Longmire?


Given that what we see on match day is only about 3 % of the time a team would see of the coach during the week, we have a very limited view of what these coaches are like, and how patient they are or aren’t. Not sure how much can be read into their on camera persona during games.


Didn’t seem to have the full undivided support of the team re his method of leadership through the year. Not sure he has the patience nor inclination to adapt his methods to suit new kids on the block.


Complete interpretation - and selective - give it a rest. Has been publicly stated that this is an inaccuracy, and even if it were not, it has very little to do with the complexity of any relationship, let alone that of a professional football club and the individuals that comprise it.


You’re right, it is my interpretation. I acknowledge that there has been support thrown behind him and his leadership, but of course there would be. I judge based on what I see and I see a leader who I am not sure would make a great head coach.

Feel free to discuss otherwise.


Nah… i’m Very confident the on camera persona is bang on for the Scott brothers


IDK why we’re giving much credence to publicly stating. Trump publicly stated he was the best.

  1. I forgot just how big BJ’s leap used to be

  2. What on earth was that weird torp kick that went 60 metres and still went through post height, where has that been, that looked like it would go half the field

  3. He was an exceptional player of amazing skill, and a great clubman, you couldn’t ask for more from a footballer, but you wished a little more for him, hope he finds it in life after footy.



tbanks bj.


Thanks BJ


Deserves his life membership for this tweet alone. Onya BJ.


Great to see Jobe in the photo at the farewell dinner. Hooker and Hurley there as well. Obviously all good mates.


Glad he’s retired.
Glad he’s not playing anymore.

So very, very glad he has Life Membership.
Thanks for everything, Brendon.


I wish he was 2 years younger and could have enjoyed the beginning of what I think we’re about to witness on field. He really deserved to be a part of it. It’s just unfortunate that he hit the end at the wrong time.


Buckley is one who seems to have adapted his personality to suit coaching.
IMO BJ is competitive and driven enough to do the same if someone were to convince him that was the best way to go about it.


That’s a good comparison. Both Bucks and BJ were super competitors who demanded the best not only of themselves but also their teammates. It took Buckley about 5 years of coaching and some serious Eddie love to survive and show he could change.