#9 Dylan Shiel


If he’d kicked it, it would have lifted some heads for sure, but I’m not convinced we would have got on top. I recon the cats had another gear to go.


I don’t think I’ve seen a player get so close to kicking a goal so many times without one going through.

Dyson let him down a few times, obviously not shepherding the ball through was one and the other was when Dyson marked inside 50 and didn’t pass it off to Dylan when he had plenty of space, it would have been an easy goal from 25 on the run.


When it comes to Dylan there’s no such thing as an easy goal.

He needs to get his first goal so we/he can all move on and then he’ll probably kick one every week or so from then on end.


That’s a simplistic view of things. It was pretty obvious that most of the time there wasn’t anybody to kick to.


He was handballing when he had other options. Hope he doesn’t keep doing this just to get his efficiency up. Nowhere near as damaging this week as he has been for the last few. Still had an alright game though. He’s judged to a very high standard.


Lewis Jetta is the one i remember, Kicked 19 points before he kicked his 1st. (Around 19 points i think)


I’m like Nostradumbass!


Reckon dyl might snag a few tomorrow night


Based on what? A complete misunderstading of statistics?


I just get a feeling, if we come out of the blocks quickly there should be a few freebies on offer


I like your thinking. We are a stong team, we can roll them.


If he kicks 6 behinds in one game i’m just going to pay it as a goal.


Vote @Lance84 for goal ump.


The way he is going, when he does break the drought he will kick 6.


If a room full of monkeys on laptops could eventually type out the bible. Dylan Shiel might kick a goal in round 8.


He’ll bag out tonight. 3.2.

*may not actually happen


As long as we win he can kick 0-8 and 3 out on the full .


Needs to get back to kicking more and back himself in.

Didn’t like that last week he reverted to handballing heaps.

Back ya self, the tide will turn


fair chance he was instructed to do that. Agree though, gotta back yourself and your skills in.


Agree, I think it was one indicator that they’d been spoken to about Geelong’s defence having a field day if we went long and high on Joe’s head.