#9 Dylan Shiel


And you’ll be told that the day after the mid-season draft.


THERE GOES MY BLITZ COIN!! Our medical staff are a joke!


We broke Shiel.


Dylan Shiel, Dylan Shiel …
Dylan Shiel, Dylan Shiel …

Nobody knows,
How his hamstring feels,
But he won’t have to worry about the finals,

Dylan Shiel, Dylan Shiel …
Dylan Shiel, Dylan Shiel …


Oh well, the silver lining for him is that he can take the next month to focus on the serious business of concentrating on his property portfolio.




Only one “S” left. Saad should be afraid. Very afraid.


It’s a shame he’ll miss the Caviar Cup next week.


I was so hoping for a 35 possie 800mtrs gained type game against these c*nts.
Oh well…next year.


Stringer also gone with hammy.


Sorry Dylan.


Scans show no tear, a chance to play to play this week, “whether or not he plays will be up to his fitness”.

Personally, I’d expect them to hold him back rather than risk him with the bye to come.


@choppsuey Just heard on SEN that Dylan is training this morning and is a chance to play this weekend.


Didn’t train with the main group though. Just run throughs.


Don’t risk him, give him the week off - if we are serious, we won’t need him to beat Carlton anyhow.


If he played this week and really did the hammy, Blitz would be out of bandwidth for a month, lol.

I suspected on the night it was a very very minor hamstring because he showed every inclination of wanting to come back on. But a minor problem is still a problem and surely we don’t risk him given the state of the list/season!

Miss this week, have the bye, be ready to go for a second half of the year that probably decides a few futures at Essendon.


agreed. The game being all but gone probably contributed to the risk averse decision making to keep him off.


You either have done a hammy or you haven’t. If he hasn’t he can play. If he had a bit of tightness, it will have 7 days to untighten (that’s the technical term docs use). Blitz will find something else to go nuts about and that’s why nobody listens to us.


We will need our best list on the park to beat Carlton.


Anyone with a modicum of sense would play it safe but NOT us, we’re still trying to play finals.
Bring all the injured in. We’ve got a game to win. Right???