#9 Dylan Shiel


more than Essendon push a half forward up as an extra on-baller.

The opposition just leaves their half backs in position.


I’m waiting for the Royal Commission


Rest him this week…


Queue @Heather_Mills



Settle down Dylan, it’s only worsfolds first year in charge he just needs time


About the most spot on remarks I’ve heard come out of anybody at the club. I like it.


hahahahaha…the funny thing is - there’s many here that would look him in the eye and tell him he’s wrong


Yeah and it’s that kind of attitude over the past however many years that has led us to where we are!




Provided you read them whilst applying the logic that he can’t quite say it too bluntly I agree most accurate and honest comments from any EFC person so far


I love the way he said it.

I think it’s a pretty deliberate yet tactful dig at the club’s overall attitude.


Yeah I didnt mean he should have been more blunt, more that I think you can “read it” as being a little more critical than he worded it


Succinct appraisal, clever.
Not one player or coach criticised in any way, but reflects on the collective.

Quite refreshing, I didn’t hear any mention of the “way we want to play” anywhere in that.
Instead we hear the word “system” 4 times. Actually I would love to be able to identify the “system”
so that I could assess whether it is any good.
But when I watch us play, our opponents seem to have systems, and we look a bit like a rabble, often for 3 quarters.


Just listened to the interview. It is very good. I recommend people have a listen.

The discussion about his hamstring is very interesting.


Pretty tough to identify a system if we are not playing the way we want to play.


Its these pesky opposing teams, they just don’t let us play the way we want to play.


Footy is easy - it’s the other team that make it hard.


He’s been a great pick up by the club who will set a high standard in all areas and knows what’s needed for success. I hope the leaders/coaches etc take on board his insights.


Can you elaborate on the Hamstring discussion for us, please?