#9 Dylan Shiel


Its already part of Essendon folklore, but its just the beginning of an era. Tantalising.


I’m sure Cathy will have room, she’s a bandwagonwidth expert


Likes his avocado unsmashed.



Amart Couch interview gave me the light bulb moment.

Shiel played out of position to cover the lack of run with injuries to Scully and William.

His natural position is inside midfield. Oh baby. All these people looking at his contested position stats and saying he will not improve us, are going to be shocked.


…what? Who?


David King


It’s also first preseason he is hitting without an injury he says.

When adding him back into inside game moreso (which gets him more involved). Here’s hoping he is back to 2016 levels when he was literally dominating


I think some argued that his contested numbers were down this year and so he wouldn’t be the missing link we needed. Or some bs like that.


I think that was only when we thought he was going elsewhere.


I just know lav2lang hates him


That’s why they are called dimmer switches


Plenty of people were downplaying his ability before he nominated us based on his 2018 stats


You lot make it sound like you expect people to have seen a lot of him play.

There are more people on blitz than see GWS play each weekend.


I’ve got no shame in admitting that I only started to take note towards the end of the season.


I’ve been a fan since he tweeted a gif of Cotchin bumping him head high in the preliminary, when Cotchin got given the Barry Hall Grand Final special from the tribunal.


Not sure what his media duties were for GWS, but he is clearly front and centre for Essendon.
Homepage. On the couch interview.
He’s a big fish in a big club.


Finally we got an A mart grade player


I’ve heard him say this a couple of times but I’ve watched a couple of gws games on replay on fox from this season and in every one he seems to be right in at the centre for most of the time.


Yeah, he was looking good that night & Richmond only got hold of them late.

He doesn’t go off at QT, and I reckon we would be calling him big fish, premiership player Dylan Shiel.


Love this.