#9 Dylan Shiel


Reckon we should call Shiel, The Terminator. He’s unrelenting in his output. Like a machine, he’ll just run and run and run all day long.


I’m going to call him either Dylan or Shiel.




I like my barracking simple.


I think I’ll call him caviar. Especially against Fark Carlton.


donnington pls


this is another Parish issue

Dylan “Dylan Shiel” Shiel


Clear from reading a few weeks of this thread that @Bomb_Doe is totally, completely and a bit creepily in love with Shiel

I dig that


I’m popping over to training on Monday, purely to see him.


I’m waiting to see what nickname @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS comes up with


I’m working on it :wink:


ha - since I have the most posts in this thread I don’t have a leg to stand on to argue against this. Love is a tad strong, I’m happy with a quiet hope he does very well and a genuine appreciation he selected us.


Maybe between you and @Heather_Mills you can argue against this


please don’t!


Sure, Shiel lover boy

Quick quick someone make a pic of @Bomb_Doe in a loving embrace with Shiel. Maybe @Bomb_Doe could assist?


And not for the first time.


Shiel - Sheild - Captain America - Cap’n - Cap - Capo…yeah, Capo.


The Noosa Express


Neville bartos


Not obscure enough