#9 Dylan Shiel


Regardless it will be a massive improvement on blindly hoofing it clear off a step. It also means our outside speedsters with really good delivery should be able to get more link up play outside of the congestion by the overlap he creates. I expect it to make a huge difference to the quality of our clearance work even if shiel doesn’t hit JD on the tit every time



I’m also mindful that 2 years ago we ran one of the most effective forward lines going around. That went a bit awry last year. However if we are back to something like full strength, then just getting the ball in there where the opposition can’t mark it will be sufficient.

My post though was because the lads in the Lunchtime catch-up podcast mentioned him in the same breath as Mercuri. I don’t think we are going to see that. Mercs had / has super mega elite level disposal skills.


Not sure why we are questioning Shiel’s quality, he was rated a top ten player only a couple of seasons back before his role changed at GWS. He will be the main man for us and I think we will see his best footy.

The flow on effect to our other mids will be just as important.


Not sure about that Hawks don’t rate draft picks when a qaulity player like Shiel is on the market. Hawks and their fans need to realise Shiel didn’t pick them.


A huge upside of having him in our midfield will be the attention it takes away from our younger guys rotating through there. You would expect Parish & Langford to have a little more time and space with the better defenders focused on Sheil, Zack & Hep.


yeah? I took it to mean he has been impressive and yet he’s still hasn’t shown all that he’s got.

From what McKernan said Shiel is highly professional and will peak when he needs to.


The ability to breakaway from congestion at high speed is a rare and extremely valuable commodity. He is up there just behind danger and Fyfe for that. The best ever was Judd. Interestingly none of Judd, Danger or Fyfe are great kicks. Shiels kicking is as good or better than those three. He is an out and out gun and he is heading into his peak years, good times ahead.


Its a new team, a new coach, a new game plan, and roles will be created for Shiel that make use of his strengths and encourages him to team up with other players so they can make use of theirs. Teamwork.

I don’t know why some are focussing on negatives before he even plays a game.


Gentle reminder this is a Bomber website


You only have to see him in the highlights that are being put up on the EFC website and social media platforms to know what a difference he will make to us. He hits contests at pace, which makes him very hard to hold in a tackle. The fact he gets his own footy and then can break away from congestion is such a bonus. Some of T-Bell’s ruckwork last year was sublime. If he can hit it straight down the throat of Shiel on the move that’s going to be an awesome combo and make us so much more pro-active at stop plays.


Shiel is nothing short of top notch. Some of you need your heads read.


are you scared of your shadow and need a nightlight?



he has a sensible hair cut.


I think with McGrath we’re suddenly going to have 2 players capable of doing that. With the likes od Saad and McGrath off half back and Fanta and Tippa on the forward line there will probably be some breathtaking footy to watch


Be still my beating heart.


mine is


It may turn out that way - but why do you have this ‘feeling’ when he hasn’t even played a game for us yet? I mean - wouldn’t it make sense to at the least, rely on his previous performance, rather than project some kind of fatalistic future no one can actually see?


That’s an interesting observation. I guess when you are breaking at top speed from a stoppage you’ll rarely make enough time for yourself to slow down a smidge and balance before you kick. Hence these guys often kicking for distance and position.


There’s a lot of comparisons with Judd. Apparently Shiel was one of the hardest trainers at GWS and there was concern he was overtraining in his early days, much like Judd, and might suffer the same groin injuries.

Still if he has a footy career like Judd’s and avoids having a media career like Judd’s , I’ll be happy.


minus the chicken wings and eye gouging would be preferred.