#9 Dylan Shiel


Calling Barrett a parasite in an insult to parasites


I saw Damien Barrett swanning around docklands all by himself thinking he owned the joint. Took all my self restraint not to punch him in the head.




you chose poorly


This. Seems quite a few got sucked in. Avoid clicking the links, simple really.


Simon Lethlean, whilst being interviewed on SEN this morning, had a nice old crack at Barrett this morning. Basically said Barrett just makes stuff up.


That’s the way to get the respect of your peers…


This morning yeah?




Who in their right mind is reading Barrett articles?


I only clicked on it to see what ■■■■ he had conjured up this time. Laughed and shook my head the entire time


For those that think Shiel hasn’t got anymore levels to go to I think you will be in for a big surprise this year.

I have him in Brownlow calculations personally.

The footy world is set to see just how good Dylan Shiel really is.

That is the sentiment of Essendon teammate Devon Smith, who has described his former GWS colleague as a “serious talent”.

Shiel, 25, joined the Bombers from the Giants last trade period - an acquisition that has those associated with the red and black buzzing ahead of the 2019 season.

Speaking on SEN’s Whateley , reigning Best and Fairest Smith explained how he has assisted his fellow Victorian acclimatise to life back in Melbourne.

“I think I’ve helped Dyl along the way,” said Smith.

“He sent me a message the other day saying thanks for all my help. Everything I sent through (about) the process of how the football club works has been true.

“It’s like if someone is trying to sell you a car, you don’t know if there’s something wrong with the car, so it was nice to hear that.”

Volume 90%

And then the superlatives flowed for the 2017 All-Australian.

“I think the footy world will see actually how good Dylan Shiel is,” Smith added.

“He was on par with the best junior I saw. I still don’t think he’■■■■■ his peak even though he’s an All-Australian already.

“He’s a serious talent.

“It’s good (to be back with him). I don’t have to chase him around.

“It’s just nice knowing that I know where he runs and he knows where I run. Playing 10 years of junior and senior footy (with him) is a treat.”

As for leaving an expansion club for one of Melbourne’s most popular, Smith concedes it has been an eye-opener for Shiel but is supremely confident the hard-running midfielder will flourish in the new environment.

“There’s a lot more expectation and you’ve got to embrace that,” he said of playing at a club like Essendon.

“Essendon as a football club gets polarised whether its negative or positive. (Some things) a little bit over the top.

“Dyl said, ‘Is there always a thousand people at training?’

“Every Friday when you go to your car you have to sign this and that. He’s just blown away by the interest in football in Melbourne.

“That’s something I think he’ll thrive on.”


yep - welcome to the big time.


Next time you’re thinking about buying a HS, shove a rusty fork down your urethra instead.

Just as painful, just as much inside knowledge, and a bit more ecologically sound.


Lol, more people at an Essendon training session than a GWS game.


Same. Got on at 67. Probably won’t win but I do think he’ll be our most prominent clearance player, and vote leader.


Melbourne is a footy town and footy season consumes this city

Shiel should love it.


sounds painful.


‘Reached around’ his peak?


■■■■ his peak