#9 Dylan Shiel


Thanks JM. Love to read one of your famous training reports if you’re up for it!


Thanks for the update.
Great news.


I know you were referring to the quality of the article and where it belongs, but now I’m just imagining Barret on his knees, fishing butt nuggets out of the toilet bowl, munching away while using his other hand to type that article.

Seems fitting alright!


Bombers home page has interviews with Dyl on RSN & SEN this morning.


For once a knock to the knee was as simple as that.

From SEN

Essendon midfielder and star recruit Dylan Shiel says he’ll be available to take on Geelong in this week’s JLT Series game. Shiel copped a knock in the side’s loss to Carlton last week, running into former teammate Andrew Phillips.

He had a considerable limp and sat out the remainder of the game, but Shiel says he’s fine.
“I recovered really well from the knock against Carlton,” he told SEN Breakfast.
“I should be good to go for Geelong this Thursday.
“I’m feeling really good at the moment. I had a great pre-season. “I didn’t miss many sessions over the pre-season.”

Shiel added he’s still adjusting to being back home in Melbourne and playing at a new club. “It’s still an uncomfortable feeling being in new surroundings, probably when I play a few games during the season it’ll start to feel like home,” he said.


and singing the team song, as early as possible, will help as well


Shiel be right.


So this bloke was 3rd in the league for goal assists and 9th for inside 50s last season. Joey and Stringer must be pretty excited.


This guy looks like the exact player we recruited.



I’m very sorry, Dylan.


Another player we are probably going to waste because out team ■■■■.


You two are a ■■■■■■■ embarrassment to the club.




Poor bloke, hope he isn’t regretting his decision. :tired_face:


He’s already our best midfielder. My God tonight has reminded me how sh*t our midfield is.


He gets out tackles with ease, great agility.


Rolls Royce in a weatherboard garage at essendon
Did he realise he had moved into a fixer upper?


He and Tippa were bringing all of silk. Terrific game.


Going to be fun watching this guy run around in red and black for years to come.

Is an out and out jet, some of the stuff he did tonight was scintillating.


Yep, by fark he looked good in bursts tonight.