#9 Dylan Shiel


Was fantastic


Better than last week although not overwhelming or anything.

Need to move up two or three more gears

Feel like he has to get more comfy playjng for us. He seems to be in his head a bit


Very encouraging performance. Still a bit rusty but a lot to like.


Wanna get in a fight on the internet about it?

Ps, Shiel’s lateral movement:


Shiel is the AFL Official Top Smooth Mover.


Nah, not really. Rather just call it as it is and move on, to be honest.


This bloke doesn’t get tackled. Ever.

His poise to side step opposition players is better than I have seen in Any player I’ve seen wearing an Essendon guernsey.

Then when he does get tackled, shrugs it off with ease or stands up and dishes off the disposal with maximum effect.


What a load of tripe.

Zerrett, Smith and Hepp are guns.
McGrath showed his wares second half JLT1, will have a great year.
Stringer was great when in middle.
Zaka is a good B grader.
Myers most improved 2018, ok he’s serviceable and hopefully depth by end 2019.
Question marks over Langford and Parish but they aren’t total spuds and are potentially set for make or break years
Some young guys able to push for selection.

I reckon Shiel’s Inclusion make the midfield very good. I’m backing the midfield in.

You guys…


I dispute that. Gil “Silky Poo” McLachlan would have smoother albeit slimier moves.


Can play.


I think Dylan might be thinking already:


Dylan is the lucky one, poor Goddard.


4 blokes doesn’t make a midfield.

I have shiel, merrett, Smith and heppell. And in my opinion, Dylan is the best of them closely rivalled by merrett who can probably overtake him. McGrath will take time. After that, it drops away considerably. Hence, why I think, our midfield isn’t great.

No one over rates their own players like essendon fans. I know this may seem like “tripe” to you, but ask anyone who doesn’t support essendon about our list who is realistic. There is room for improvement


Lockett doesn’t support Essendon.
He reckons it’s us or Melbourne for the flag this year.
I don’t agree - but hey.


Can we get him down to help work on our goal kicking


I agree there is room for improvement, my point is we have 4 A graders a couple of b graders and some unknown quantities.

Not too many teams with more than 4 A grade mids, I don’t think it’s a dire as you suggest. Guess we’ll see soon enough.


Can we get him down to help work on our slimming of Saad and McKenna?


What’s he smoking I want some.


spot on. people seem to think ‘midfield’ means the guys who start in the centre square. these days you needs a solid 14 or so guys in any given lineup who can play in the midfield. we just don’t have that at the moment.


hahaha…probably nothing - he’s pretty healthy, these days!