#9 Dylan Shiel


Two other amusing comments. The old man says he flew up for every giants game in the past and has been to all the essendon ones this year and hasn’t seen the semblance of any game plan whatsoever from essendon. The other one is he usually goes in the rooms after the game but dylan will be so ■■■■■■ off he decided not to and won’t call him till Tuesday till his cooled down.


Shiel had little impact, but contested for the ball more strongly than almost all other Essendon players. I am not disappointed in his effort. What a ■■■■ sandwich he was given by the rest of the team on his debut for Essendon.

Edit. I see he had 25 disposals , Team high 7 clearances, Team High contested possessions 18. but had a low tackle count. 2 and 50% disposal efficiency. But in those respects was hardly Robinson Crusoe.


Not the game I saw. Both woeful, confused and badly beaten


Whoa Bully. Horse’s mouth, thanks dad. If that’s true now we’re seeing the result. In fact we saw the result in JLT, only worse in the real world


I saw this as well from McG, he has that champion glint in his eye and just plays through his bad games still turning up to the contest and still trying to take the game on, actually thought he shamed a few of our senior players with his work ethic and balls



Just listening to Jono Brown this morning and he was saying that none of Shiel, Smith, Saad or Stringer are generals or leaders!

I swear these so called “experts” no nothing about our club!

Fark me, if the decision were up to me Smith would be captain now.


This is very disappointing to say the least. I’d hope Dylan has conveyed these thoughts to the club also.
He may well be regretting his choice sadly.


Shiel should’ve been straight into the leadership group


That’s if it is true, I don’t think it is. Smith made the comment last year at how hard Essendon trained and he came from the same club.


No he shouldn’t. He needed a year to adjust to his new club and then you can put him on it.


What reason would he have to say it if it wasn’t true though?


That’s damning but surely he speaks up after a few sessions. I’d be worried about the club’s environment if he didn’t do so


I’m a little over hearing this. It’s time for Shiel to perform, he’s going to be at the club for at least 6 years. He made his choice.


Yep at least 21 games to go this season.


Contract, contract, it has been shown they are NOT worth the paper they are written on.

Whoever wants out usually gets OUT. If Darcy wants out Geelong or whoever will find a way.
Thank the AFL for that.


The skepticism works both ways. He didn’t put in a “2 round 1 picks, 800k salary” performance on the weekend either.

And on Parish, he had a nightmare JLT run and everybody wanted his blood, then kicks a few snags against Coburg in a practice match and now everybody is talking about him like he’s the answer to all our problems. (i’m not accusing you of that)


I wasn’t commenting on his ability to play or what’s happened this year, I am simply speaking about the validity of an AFL contract. Thanks to the supplement saga.


I know. It was in reply to something i wrote about Shiel though. Was just continuing on from that.


Play as you train. It’s friggin embarrassing, 2 years running the team have not hit the ground running and results have suffered. Little wonder Turk’s been shown the door