#9 Dylan Shiel


Shiel had 12 in the first quarter IIRC. Was cutting them up.


Yea, he’s ■■■■■■■ good

Very ■■■■■■■ good

And that luxurious hair

I’m going full donington over him


Never, ever go the full Donnington.


He’s kicking will improve as the year progress


Did you see the serve Smith gave him with that munted pass into the 50?
Hahahaha made me laugh hard


The way he accelerates through his turns is a sight to behold. And once he starts nailing those long range goals and hits those targets entering f50 he becomes our most damaging midfielder and justifies the price we paid for him.


Not a great kick by any means but should we have players slapping their pretzels everytime we miss an easy target.

Familiarity breeds it but still not a great look.

Clark slapping his pretzels when he got marked on was the same.


Last night was exactly why I wanted us to recruit Shiel. His ability to grab the ball out of a pack and sprint away is something we haven’t had for…well ever.

Such a beast when contesting the ball


I’m just looking forward to him streaming out of the middle and drilling one from 50m and beating his chest like a…um…little help?

  • Bongo?
  • Tarzan?
  • Matthew McConaughey in Wolf of Wall Street?!


I’d say since j Johnson. He will only get better too. Jet


JJ or Timmy Watson are the only two Bombers I can think of that moved like that from a stoppage


Impossible to stop, Dees players looked like witches hats compared, He’s so finely balanced.

Played his heart out like a leader should, Will tear games apart for us.


Wont be long till he kicks he first goal in Essendon colours and when he does we will go ape ■■■■.


His kicking isn’t amazing but it is at least flat and fast. Rather than high floaters which are easily chopped off, flat fast kicks are more likely to get out the back of the intended target which creates something for the smalls or leads to stoppage so it’s hardly the end of the world.

Often has time to just steady a bit which he’ll start to take as his confidence within the side settles.


That was at GWS.
Mitchell was not a 35+ player at Sydney
Same reason


I’m not sure we should expect him to rack up huge numbers.
Id prefer quality over quantity with him.

Keep his explosiveness.


31 touches, two shots on goal and 4 tackles is pretty decent numbers.


better if he kicks 3 goals next time


his first three steps are so fast, has got incredible burst away speed, also tippa level dodging in traffic