#9 Dylan Shiel


Just watched the Brisbane replay and we were far from great in patches. Some really bad disposal and turnovers that will need cleaning up before we beat anyone decent. Brisbane were terrible, hopefully north are too.


Our pressure made the lions look terrible at times. We didn’t let them have the game they wanted


If Shiel can get on top of his kicking, and settle into our team a bit more, he will win a Brownlow.

He is that good.


Definitely, but we were pretty bad once we started to tire. A lot of errors under little pressure. Parish disposal in particular. Hopefully we improve that as we get fitter.


Really like the way Shiel & Zerrett are teaming up - can only get better.


The only thing that there is “no doubt” about is that people are seeing what they want to see, and ignore the rest

Fact is, we were top 3 in scoring in 2017, (just) in top half in 2018 (with neither of our two best forwards firing a shot), and we’re 5th as of now in 2019 (again, with neither of our best two forwards doing much).

You’re actually suggesting that’s because the coach wants us not to kick goals, but the players are (sometimes) revolting against him?

And you think that stands up to scrutiny?

Out of interest, any idea who the Eagles used to play? And how that side was structured, and why?


Think we all hoped 2 first rounders wouldn’t be needed to get the deal done but is justifying it in spades after a months assessment.

He is dynamic and electrifying to watch when bursting away from the packs like few players currently can do.

Honestly, outside of Dangerfield who has the ability to burst away at pace like Shiel in the league?



It’s been touched on a little by some in here but what’s surprised me most about Shiel are his reflexes and handball skills. Super super quick! And if you combine that with his smart work around packs and his speed, then it gives you a very damaging player.

We now have a decent group of midfielders with some pretty quick A-grade handball skills - Shiel, Merrett, Parish, McGrath all flicking it around to start fast scoring chains.


I don’t think McGrath is as fast as we give him credit for. I know he was a high level hurdler but it doesn’t really translate to the footy field. He’s no slouch but I wouldn’t put him in the top bracket of speedsters at Essendon let alone the comp. Shiel has him covered.

Also McKenna has lost a yard in the last year or two, still super quick but there was a stage where no one would ever catch him. I think it’s just him putting on mussel.

We still have an impressive amount of speedy mids thou. It’s great to watch.


Wasn’t McGrath also a 400 metre runner as a junior?


National champ. And hurdles.


Yeah, he’s a shell of the man he used to be.


Pffft… how fast could he be?


I agree with this and for someone who has only played 4 games I think he will still be finding his feet, don’t think Smith and Stringer set the world on fire in their first games. Will keep on improving I think.


Just calling as I see it. Didn’t say he wasn’t quick over 100meters


Ok I get it. Very good, play on. :slight_smile:


My biggest bug with him is how he constantly corals his man


I sea what you did there


Your biggest bug?


Following established statistical principles, Round 1 can be treated as an outlier and eliminated. If that is the case we are better than 5th