#9 Dylan Shiel


I actually don’t think that’s the case. It was quite apparent to me how we zoned up the mid arc region last week when Brisbane were bring the ball out of their D50. I seems to me that one of the principle changes we’ve adopted is a heavy focus on stopping teams from switching the play against us and getting turnovers from the mid arc area of the ground, as opposed to distinctly back half or distinctly forward half. Mid arc turnovers are definitely the most dangerous IMO as they are when you can catch your opponent out of position in an open F50, rather then repeat entries into a heavily congested forward line. I reckon this is one thing that Rutten has brought to us, which absolutely represents as a tweak on what Richmond were doing. Need to see some more footy, and possession heat maps to confirm but that’s my feel after a few weeks.


You think he’d thrive on the atmosphere. It will be the biggest crowd he’s ever played in front of. And certainly the most supporters that have ever shown up for him personally.


He played in a prelim against the Tigers in front of 94,000


Sorry to dispel this myth but the Richmond v Giants Prelim of 2017 (95k) is currently and in all likelihood remain the largest crowd he’s played in front of.


How many of them cheered him on?


Yes, you clearly stated the greatest number of supporters he’ll have played in front of


That part might have been wrong. Second part wasn’t. Thanks Mr pedantic. And if we’re splitting hairs then ANZAC day numbers have hit 94k before and last year fell 2,500 short.


Interesting perspective. I will look at the way we play tomorrow with this in mind. Whilst the Melbourne game was a shootout, with both backlines porous, I noticed a big improvement in defensive structure in the Brisbane game. I attributed that to Hookers leadership and intercepting and the way Redman and Ridley improved the way we set up. It was easy to see, Brisbanes defence was a dogs breakfast.


He was knocked out in the first (maybe early second) quarter by Cothin (somehow didn’t get suspended from the GF… protected species)… so maybe we don’t count this match


Lots of run from ‘release’ players in the middle, presenting the defence with good outlet options… that was a big contributor to why the defence looked so good. Riddles and Ranga good composure/kicking helped. Hooker good, yes - but guys like Merrett and Zaka presenting, a big part of it.


Hang on, I’m backing you up, not trying to be pedantic!


Oh lol. Sorry dude. I’m so used to defending myself on here. My bad :laughing:


Shiel was massive in that game, was everywhere until he got knocked out.


I reckon in all likelihood, he’ll play in a fully packed MCG in the next few years.


Fingers crossed! To rafters!

I should’ve stipulated remain the biggest crowd after Anzac Day.


yes, sure is


More please, love the player clips


Sheils kicking has been excellent so far.

Quality player!


Good pick up.


Seems to have taken his game to a new level with EFC.

Showcasing hard running, linking up hand balls, kicks into 50 to our players advantage, meaningful clearances, breakaway speed.

I’m blown away to see finally see us have this kind of mid for a change.