#9 Dylan Shiel


Avoiding tackles in traffic, 15 metre kicks at pace etc. clean two touch grab/handball out of pack… these are all skills too… and ones he’s proven to quite good at


Complementary are Shiel, Zerrett and Heppell. All 3 midfielders excelling with an entirely different skill set


I agree.

With the addition of Shiel we now have that point of difference we haven’t had for a long time and that allows Merrett and Heppell to play their natural games.

I think we finally have the midfield to take it up to Collingwood on Anzac Day.


We’ve certainly got the forward line and defence to take it up to them. The midfield remains to be seen. They have beaten up ■■■■ sides the last 3 weeks, real test on Thursday.


Absolute cherry picker you are.

Quote my entire post you numbat.


Agree the opposition hasn’t been great but I like now the we have a couple extra methods to breaking down the oppositions zones and team defence.

The additions of Shiel and McGrath have been huge I think.

Although Collingwood have a great midfield I doubt they will go head to head with us because our outside pace will hurt them.

They will try and block up the middle of the ground and run us wide but we can still hurt them their.

I’m tipping Walla and Fantasia will get used up the ground a lot more in the second half of the game to try and break the game open when the sting has gone out of the game.

I can’t wait for Thursday.


Settle… just asking the question. Fairly definitive statement you made referring to his perceived skill being better than actual.


Quote the entire post.

Don’t cherry pick. It’s bullshit.

It was obvious I was referring to his kicking efficiency if you quoted it properly. Don’t be a nob.


Whoa, ease up. I just asked the question… his short kicking efficiency out of congestion is OK… I genuinely just asked for clarification on what you meant… I don’t recall getting personal. Let’s move on


I just don’t like people misrepresenting my opinions as it is disingenuous if done purposefully.

Shiel is as good an offensive weapon in congestion and stoppage plays that the game has seen over the last 10 years.

If he could kick as well as Merrett, tackle as well as Smith or mark as well as Heppell he’d be one of the best in the comp. Unfortunately he doesn’t and he hasn’t been hitting the scoreboard either.

Having said all that. He is an absolute gun.


How fckn good is it actually having a strong midfield that can destroy an opposition?

I don’t remember having so many good mids since that 99 - 01 period

This man is a Jet and absolutely what we needed


The only players that could do all of what you listed above regarding kicking and marking and skill around stoppages are Hird and Voss. Of the modern day players I would say Dusty, but he is only a good one on one mark same with Voss. Fyfe and his kicking can be abit off, same with Danger.

Having all those skills is exceptionally rare.


If /when he bursts out of the centre on Anzac Day and drills a goal from 50 I’m going to beat my chest like an ape that’s ready to mate


I said “or” not “and”. Just one of them. He isn’t exceptional at any of those.

I’m not saying he isn’t ok. But not exceptional.


And he is protecting Heppell too


Watching Shiel the other night the way he moves through traffic is exactly the kind of thing that attracts Brownlow votes. Just saying.


36 disposals

Love this bloke.


Just compliments our midfeild perfectly. Not going to go into knows better, because it doesn’t really matter.

The mix we had on Friday was perfect. Hepp, merret, sheil, mcg, and myers for that mater all compliment each other and bring something different to the table.

Myers played a great game as well inside and allowed merret and sheil plenty of ball. And also takes a lot of the bullicking load off hepp.

Add Stringer, tippa, Smith, zacha, guelf, and Fanta to the mix. And we really have a great mix.

Parish and Langford are not up to par with the rest of the mids yet, but I am hopeful.


Can play.


That’s nasty.