A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


When I first heard this I thought the complaints about Eddie were over the top. It was hardly to the Goodes level. Then when I saw the footage, the coin toss looked fine, so I wondered why Eddie was complaining.

Then came the “apology”:

“It had nothing to do with Cynthia Banham”
…Well it came straight after she tossed the coin, so not a great start…

“I just want to apologise if this was communicated the wrong way…”
If? Are we still getting these weasel apologies? If you think you were wrong, apologise! If you don’t, don’t! Don’t give conditional apologies, implying they are only applicable to over-offended snowflakes!

Ed, I try to approach this with an open mind, but you keep throwing more Gold Logies out the window!


formula 1 has gone down hill tragically in the last 5 years.

interest is only ramping up in the sport because of the netflix doco.


BT has always been my favourite. Reminds us all that footy is supposed to be fun.


Jason bennett and that italian bloke that commentates other off peak games.

■■■■ off the old blokes and give it to them.


According to a report in the Rage, Ediie wasn’t wearing glasses at the time and was not closely watching the C7 feed.
But somehow he knew it was a bad coin toss?


Eddie being Eddie, a ■■■■■■■■.

Would have been surprised if it helped something at Collingwood go under the radar at the same time.


At the moment most commentators get endorsed simply because they’ve played before, despite having no background in broadcasting. That is tokenism at it’s finest.


She’s better than anyone 9 have had post Richie.


I’ve seen this sentiment around the place lately. Haven’t followed closely enough to comment on a decline, but I still think it’s very, very good compared to a lot of sports.


No Bernie No F1?


Compared with the verbal diarrhea of BT - Warnie’s cheap and dirty pizza segment is almost a commentary masterpiece in comparison…


No sanction for E McGuire from the AFL over his latest gaffe. Not even a mildly worded statement.


He has an AFL vote and may be on one or more AFL sub- committees.


He’s a very important man.


And has multiple business interests with a number of the AFail Commision and Executive.


And he’s fat

Juat wanted to point that out


And an Idiot, and a scumbag.

A Fat Idiot Scumbag.

Yeah, that about covers it, … :smirk:


And very powerful…


Just a side note on player commentators, Nick Riewoldt is surprisingly ok. Informative and insightful without being intrusive or baffoonish.


Very informative, I hope he doesn’t go too far ala Cornes and Lloyd.