A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Week 2 of roaming Donnington: not allowed within 50 metres of the change rooms due to an AVO…


Yup. I don’t know how I used to consume so much footy media. I literally hate so much of it now.


Watching Finding-Nemo commentate on Mitch Wallis would be like Bruce commentating on Cyril or Buddy.


Seeing Mark Robinson on TV gives me the same feeling I got when I saw Aaron Henneman get games.

“How the hell did this happen?”


How did he get no. 3? Reynolds, Salmon…Hennemann


You forgot Ryan O’Connor between Fish and Henno…


The footy media has changed. Now shows are consumed with the next sensational story. If there isn’t one, they make one up.

Previously, the talk would be about the game, and I don’t mean the rules of the game. They would discuss players and highlight the quality in the league, great players playing the game and how they go about their craft. After this there would be light hearted entertainment and not the crass humour we see now. There were some great players and personalities that played the game we all got to know.

Now, a great personality is basically any player with tatts who pretends they don’t give a stuff. Apart from that most players are robots.


A dog is smart enough to know, never bite the hand that feeds you.


A slightly humorous psstake of Sliding Doors.


You know how I know you’ve never watched Up The Guts?


The utter absurdity of all of that has absolutely done me.

Taylor Walker is now Texas Galoot. Forever.


Oh yes, I’ve seen an episode. I stand by my call. Though it’s close


Damn, now I’m curious rossoneri. I may have to witness this abomination for myself. I’ll let you know how long I last, but your summary doesn’t leave me brimming with confidence.


Watching replay Ess v norf… ■■■■■■■ idiot mcguire re Daniher and Tarrant “two famous names in afl footy”…


Triple m are debating the size of pixelation on Billy’s crotch when naked on TV.


The sad thing is they actually get enough listeners to stay on the air.


It’s anazing hearing the difference with the 90’s commentary to what it’s come to. They actually just talk about the game - amazing!! All that in joke/commentators acting like caricatures bullocks that channel 7 has is sickening

The best thing going around is a new footy podcast called ‘Trends’ highly recommended


Robbo in todays HSUN. He has written another article about “how bad was the booing” on Anzac Day.
His only understanding is how to BEAT UP a story. FCS, let it go, let it go, let it go.

Contrast this with other opinion makers who have an understanding of whats real:
Bevo, “we have become a nanny state” “Fans are tribal” basically he says, Lighten up, it has a funny side, and yes, I agree. I go to the footy to be entertained. Its thrilling, it takes you to a climax one week and dumps you the next. Its a passion. Take away the passion, and you might as well save your money and watch suburban footy for free if you are interested.

Then the #1 opinion maker ( whether we like it or not ) Gillon ( fark him) says its OK. Its part of footy, as long as its not racially motivated. Fair enough.

We know that Collingwood fans have booed a champion of the game, Riewoldt when he got up to speak. But lets not focus on “shameful behaviour”, hypocrisy, just accept that booing is here and here to stay, because as customers and stakeholders, its the only way to express our displeasure.

Robbo; let it go, let it go, let it go…


I think Barrett has written another article on it. I didn’t click on it though but I assume it’s the usual bile


It amuses me that the so called journos writing about the booing sit in little glass boxes during the games, they are so far removed from what is happening in the crowd they have no right to report on it. How any person can decide that tens of thousands of people are motivated by to boo is ridiculous.