A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


An outsider, not from the boys club, hahahahaha, never in a million years will that happen.


Correct Sutherland was Head of Finance at Carlton during Big Jack’s Brown paper bag era. Amazing that he never got called out for it during his 18 years as Cricket Australia CEO.


And this is why the sport is never going to get better. Far too much self serving by the powers that be which can only be broken up by a true outsider with a fresh approach and ideas.


The most AFL thing the AFL could do would be appointing Steven Hocking as CEO after botching the rule changes and overseeing of the umpires.


So it’s a certainty then.


I thought he was a duck…going by what everyone says about him?


Would you say boo to a duck




No, the most AFL thing the AFL could do would be to actually go out and find someone from a different sector who is credentialed sufficiently, and sack them 10 weeks later on some tenuous grounds to make way for Steve Hocking to become CEO.


The Hawthorn approach.


I’m wondering if they’re considering Dean Robinson for the gig? He been known to pop up in some very strange places.


Say that again?


I used to enjoy watch On the Couch on Fox.

It used to be a few guys sitting around chatting about football and then having a chat with a coach or somebody similar.

Now its just 4 alpha males shouting at each other. Brown is just a boof-head whose idea of analysis is to “He needs to go hard”.


Brown is oee of the biggest morons in the media. He and Alistair lynch prove their wasn’t much going on upstairs in that Brisbane forward line. Both useless



Creating the news again


Flipping channels, I’ve watched 10 minutes of the new Footy Show format and enjoyed it more than I have the old one for years. Literally, 10 minutes. I won’t necessarily keep watching, it wasn’t radical, but I actually enjoyed it. I guess the point is, I won’t actively avoid it in the future.

The biggest mistake they made was not promoting it as a whole new show.


Turned over for 2 minutes and all I saw was betting odds and a guy from the betting company giving his tips.


About to post similar, first time this year I’ve properly tuned in and it was not bad with Zaharakis on.


I think people lay the boots into the footy show now because it’s the cool thing to do. This current format, while still a mile away from its glory years is still much better than the crap it has put up the past 4 or so years. I think its problem now is that it is finally seeing itself as a “variety” show of sorts and not a lot of football analysis, but Front Bar has beaten it to the punch. It should have gone this way 4 years ago, but they were too pig headed and left it with Brayshaw and co. and dressed it up as a football panel show when it was just 5 bogans talking like fuckwits


Thinking of ever booing a champion?
Thanks for reminding us of a good reason.