A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


So am I allowed to boo duck wood and danger?


I don’t think Jobe was a raging homophobe though.

I’m not going to be there, but I encourage everyone to boo the hell out of that guy


I think that argument would have more weight if the AFAIL media and community showed outrage at the time, but Jobe got nothing NADA, nil support outside Essendon fans. It finally took, I think when Pavlich made a stand, for the media to even acknowledge it. But still they did nothing and still do nothing.


I like the Front Bar a lot. The ‘new’ Footy Show is mediocre and aimless- one more year the worse for wear. It is yet to shed the vestiges of its previous iteration. There’s a lot of lingering ill will towards it as an institution. I agree they should have rebadged it altogether and started with a fresh format.


I think the bigger issue here is why the ■■■■ anyone (esp. an Essendon supporter) continues to read the complete and utter drivel spouted by that cumstain Barrett?


The thing is, not many Essendon supporters going to the game would have booed Ablett on Sunday until the media starting telling us not to.

They’ve made a thing out of it so they can continue to write about it afterwards.


Have we ever booed Ablett before? Why do they think we’re going to start now?


Because of him “Liking” Folau’s Homophobic Tweet ,… which is why it started in the first place this year, but they seem reluctant to mention or attribute it to in the main.


And then moo Ablett and the umps for the country game.


If they promoted it as a whole new show the remaining audience wouldn’t have tuned in to find out it’s ■■■■, meaning word would get out it’s now ok.


That’s actually very funny!

“Well, it is the country game…”


Oh I love it.
Moo Ablett and quack Selwood.


So how about you don’t do it and then they can’t. Stop blaming others for your sht behavior boy.


No one is tuning in, either way.


Who was the 2IC to A Demetriou who walked away from the AFL and was replaced by G McLachlan? It was a strange departure as he was the obvious ‘next in line’. Not much was said at the time and I don’t believe he has said anything since. Odd.




Adrian Anderson.

He’s represented a few of our players at the Tribunal since, with decent results.


That’s right. He had a few moments but seemed well regarded overall. Not sure why you would proceed that far up the line only to withdraw with the top position well in view?

Lked to have seen the direction he would have taken.


Where in my post did I say I’d boo Ablett.

I was talking about Essendon supporters as a group.

And you can curb your pathetic “boy” crap - you’ve been on this site for just on 2 years - take your ■■■■ attitude somewhere else.


Apparently… he didn’t withdraw, he was told Gil the Dill was inevitable. Then he decided that if he wasn’t going to be Chief [insert perjorative noun here] he’d prefer not to be surrounded by them.