A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie






Nothing but net.


I’ve listened to it

its ■■■■.




When’s duck season? :sunglasses:


The front bar actually isn’t too bad, watched the last couple of weeks and the 3rd guest host they get in there has been white funny. Last week was Santo Cilauro, this week was a comedian whose name escapes me (Essendon supporter too), quite funny.

EDIT: actually instead of the guest co-host it’s usually with mick molloy. I reckon the guest host would work better but anyway, still better than TFS


This week was Lawrence Mooney


Dingus come on


Hutchison axed, Maguire returning. Set to be announced today



Sad day.


McGuire has some big pants to fill.


Music to my ears, might even contemplate watching the first half hour of it


Still remember that episode of Footy Classified when Hutchy took the stage with a band-aid on his chin (or was it his forehead?) Up there with the great moments in television history. He will be sorely missed.


Axed from which footy show? Please say all of them.


Replace Hutchy with Hirdy…Footy show fixed. Would be a controversial move by Nine.
But would make footy show relevant again and worth watching. And could have Sam and Hird having cracks at the AFL.
Maybe even replace Bec Maddern with Mrs Hardwick - she sounds alright, Damien seems to mention her a lot in his press conferences.

They could even make footy classified relevant by giving SWMNBN the sack and replacing her with Hirdy…that would be pretty funny.

Hutchy and Damien Barrett can stick to what they know best - Trade Radio.


and that one that Rolo is always waffling on about.


Purple and the Slob.


Speaking of slobs
Funniest thing about Damos and Hutchys podcast is how much Damien holds a grudge against Robbo.
Oh and any Essendon fan who has a crack at him on twitter gets blocked.