A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I’d go with: Trade tork with Purple and the Slug.


Just burn it all down. It’s ■■■■.


Hahahah EAD Hutchy.




Word from ewok street is that Hutchy has been talent spotted for role as jabba the hutt on next star wars film as they won’t need to spend on makeup or slug costume.


Who cares


Someone at Channel 9 seriously sat in a meeting and said “The absolute number one problem with The Footy Show is Craig Hutchinson, remember when we had Eddy? And Trevor? Those were the days…”


It is pretty pathetic that this all they’ve got left. At the same time, Hutchy is a hard man to look at or listen to for very long - so yeah, replacing him with a flog like Eddy is ratings gold!


Just need Trev to replace that Pelican Hughesy now.


I liked Eddie before the Essendon mum saga buuuuut honestly will he change the show much? I may tune in.


Im a fan of bringing back what worked.

So bring back Trev get rid of Billy.


Does it still work though? The format is tired and boring.


so it will just become the collingwood show again? Yeah that will help ratings. Just let the show die already


Seriously, Trevor is one of the unfunniest men I’ve ever seen. Billy isn’t funny either - he’s just blokey, but… just nuke the whole show.


NRL footy show is so much better- you don’t even need to follow NRL to enjoy the show!


It won’t work, but when it finally goes down it puts another black mark next to that racist Eddie’s name and probably gives Hutchinson one more thing to be bitter about. So I’m all for it.


The real question is how has Hutchys biggest fan and well known d-bag enthusiast Rolo taken this?

Uncontrollable weeping? Candlelight vigil? Double quarter pounder meal in solidarity?


Replace them with blitz pod cast.


I’m sure Hutchy’s unparalleled insight into “how the footy media works” would mean he saw this coming months ago.


Bring back Kevin Dennis.