A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


The very best thing our household can do is NOT watch it. Same old, same old.

Talk about people telling some Essendon supporters to move on. Really!!!


Already said this on blitz but he clearly wasn’t happy there, nor was a good fit. The whole show is a relic regardless.


What in the weird…now that’s a delusional pearler!


Well they have very little else to barrack for this season…


Just the look of Mr Marmalade is funny as all ■■■■!


Hayley Cooney.


Only just saw the new title :laughing:


Live re-enactments of our match threads would be even better.


Dunno if I could cope with The Footy Show being on that often.


Getting Eddie back is a backwards step which is perfect as the show is designed for a backward


Yep and when they finish watching TFS, they spend the rest of their lives in the comments section of the Hun. They deserve each other.


NRL Footy Show - quality presenters who share a great camaraderie, variety of regular segments & specials, plenty of humour, fast moving, no wankers.
AFL Footy Show - none of the above. (Will applaud Sam for calling out the bllsht thru the Saga)


Get Fev to host.


It’s been a few years since I’ve seen any of the Footy Show, but it used to be ‘let’s make fun of the fat man, the old man and the hairy man’. How can that not be a winning formula??


He’s good on Off The Bench.




Mate…you’ve been watching too much Dawson’s Creek!


And they call that blonde chick presenter “darl”

It’s slightly more cringey than the AFL one IMO.


Farken eh.

Always been better. These days it’s streets ahead.


I don’t actualy watch the show but its hard not to hear/see the goings on.

I reckon Hutchy was always a bad fit for that role. Hutchy sees himself as a serious media commentator. His straight guy was never going to fit. Oh and most people think he is a ■■■■.

But I reckon he’ll be happy to have been given the boot as the show is dying a (not so) slow death regardless of any changes that they make.

He will just go back to what he does well. Running his media organisation, which you would have to assume is doing fairy well.