A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


They say there’s someone for everyone in this world


You mean the guy that potshotted and wrote nasty articles about Essendon and their players for years and then decided to be a Richmond supporter?


Which are you referring to – Fatprick Stiff or Bartlett?


I don’t mind Bartlett. And let’s face it - I kinda hate everyone in the media.
He’s old, but surprisingly mentally agile. He takes the ■■■■, and doesn’t try and hide it. He’s like a harmless old dad. There are far more insidious, malicious scum-sucking bottom-feeders than Bartlett.





I really like KB. He knows his sport and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Smith on the other hand takes himself way too seriously. Probably my most disliked sports journalist. Shame he’s such a flog, because he’s a decent writer.


That guy. And for the record, his sternest criticism was reserved for those in charge at the time, in charge of Essendon and the AFL. Not the players.


Yes who can forget Smith’s sensitive articles on James Hird while he was in hospital? Really taking it to the powerbrokers!

I don’t even find him a good “writer”. He just finds a ridiculous analogy, possibly after grabbing a thesaurus, then flogs it to death like some Christmas Day uncle. You feel like there should be 2 empty paragraphs after his articles to reflect everyone’s awkward silence.


Not sure if its true, but it has been stated that Smith has become an EFC member again. I suppose journos might do that in some cases, quite possibly a trojan horse move in his case, to counteract the total dessication of his sources in the club.


can we stop giving this pos airtime


Please be more specific, there are many in the media who can be described that way. The flogs at SEN could fill a whole thread on the own


Constantly punching down. A run of the mill bully.


Thankyou. He’s a ‘journo’ who thinks that he needs to say something controversial in order to be relevant. Heaven forbid he actually attend a game of football. If he and Caro were in the same room, there would be some sort of chemical reaction the result of which few would survive. (Remember, way before his largely arbitrary - in that he did no actual research into the situation - turning upon the EFC and James Hird, his, oh so funny attacks on ‘cornflakes’ Thomas? (a guy who now is obviously too honest for his own good.) So far as his writing is concerned - please.) Just because he can construct a full sentence doesn’t make him a literary genius. He is the definition of an ego-maniac, which is counterintuitive to journalism, but strangely enough, seems to be a common characteristic, especially in so-called sporting journalism.


Yes, his courageous pursuit of Evans was admirable :roll_eyes:


Looks like the Hutchy CEO of SEN thing just happened


How to make a bad situation worse. And more fat.


Media landscape changing. Garry has left Ch 9 to be a commentator on Fox.

“…Lyon said the opportunity to do live match commentary and analysis was the primary reason for his decision to leave the Nine stable.
His move comes after Fox Footy recently announced St Kilda legend Nick Riewoldt will also join the network next season in a beefed up line-up, including Eddie McGuire, Sandy Roberts, Sarah Jones, Paul Roos, Dermott Brereton, Jason Dunstall, Jonathan Brown, Gerard Healy, David King, Ben Dixon, Nick Dal Santo, Cameron Mooney, Brad Johnson, Kelli Underwood, Mark Ricciuto, Mark Maclure, Brian Lake, Matthew Pavlich, Alastair Lynch and Neroli Meadows…”.


It’s not an opportunity for us Garry


So, mapping the commentary team to clubs (only counting people who have or have had a playing/admin role at a particular club), that’s St Kilda, collingwood, Sydney, Hawthorn/Collingwood/Sydney, Hawthorn, Brisbane, Sydney, North, Hawthorn, St Kilda/North, Geelong, Footscray, Adelaide, Carlton, Footscray/Hawthorn, Fremantle, Brisbane.

I may have missed some coaching connections.

But if you want to know why EFC is the AFLs convenient scapegoat for everything while Hawthorn/Collingwood get away with murder, look no further. We have frigging zero media presence or influence. Lloyd is useless at defending the club and Caro has him on a tight leash, while Tim Watson messes around on a radio station that’s listened to by three men and a dog.


Nah, got that one wrong. The dog only stops by to smell around the base and then take a wiz on it. Doesn’t really listen.