A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I always liked him too. Didn’t agree with all his views, but he was extremely informed, something that you can’t say for 99% of football broadcasters.


Then turned pretty quickly for some reason - targeting Hird at every opportunity. Couldn’t give two ■■■■■ about any of these guys. They’re all extraneous - I can’t think of one of them that adds anything substantial to the sport we follow.


My sentiments exactly Zimmer.

Very well said.


Finey was alright, nice easy listening driving home later at night.

How someone can have that much of knowledge of so many different sports is mind boggling.

With all due respect to guys like Lyon and Watson, outside of football they offer nothing.

Almost little point having them on before round 1 and after trade week.


I guess there was little point in keeping the station going as is.


He never came across as being knowledgeable about anything in my mind. He is just an arrogant bully who would abuse anyone why dared disagree with him resulting in a listener base of sycophants.


lyons ■■■■ with regards to footy too.



They kept Maher ??


Who is Jack Heverin?


Three months into the footy season people will complain and want the old SEN back, wrongly remembering it to be good, when really it’s a load of ■■■■ and the new SEN will just be a different load of ■■■■.


The carry on by Marko & Ox when Robbo would arrive in studio on Thursdays was absolutely horrendous, thank fark that’s never going to hit the radio waves again.

As for Finey, they probably did him a favour, wouldn’t be surprised if he landed a better gig.


I just don’t understand how Robbo is still employed. He’s the head football writer for a big newspaper and he’s on TV every night and he is barely literate. It’s quite extraordinary. The sooner everyone takes SENs lead and flicks him the better.


Most reporters who make that level, usually have a few juicy stories up their sleeves - about very important people - that they haven’t ever gone to print with.

That usually keeps you employed, especially in the AFL.


Finey is good. He and Rohan Connolys podcast is probably the best AFL one. And listening to the mindless drunks call in on a Friday night was always entertaining


My list of radio people I think add value:
Scott Lucas.


THIS. So much this…


Yeah but would Robbo actually remember any of the stories that he may have up his sleeve?


Could he find his sleeve in the first place??


Of course he can. He needs it to wipe the snot from his nose and the ■■■■ that he dribbles out of his mouth. But that’s the extent of his personal hygiene.


I don’t mind Anthony Hudson or Tony Leonard.