A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Thousands died in Stalin’s purges and tens of thousands of others were silenced in gulags, never to be heard from or seen again. It’s a good idea.


So is Whately still on 360 as well?


Yes, look, some might find me very insensitive for making a joke referencing an atrocity of the past. Yes, I am probably insensitive.

But some of my relatives were badly effected by William of Normandy crossing the channel, and the Norsemen raping and pillaging East Anglia. Some of my relatives were Swiss, the Goths have a lot to answer for, not to mention those Roman Legions who cut a swathe of death and destruction across Europe.

Whats the statute of limitations on these things anyway? At what point are we now allowed to accept these things happened, without having to own some guilt for them, or blame others for the injustices?



Has hutchy fired damo from the sounding board?


I reckon three months is long enough.




I don’t think HAP was actually having a go at you, think he was agreeing with you


Wasn’t the “It’s a Good Idea” bit that gave it away,… was it? :smirk:


Not many claim to care less about SEN but a lot seem to know a fair bit about what’s going on. I reckon Hutchy has done a fantastic job with the line up. Leach broadcast each day from his pedestal and pretended to know more about each sport than the ‘experts’ he had on to discuss them. Ox and Mark Allen were uninformed about almost every topic they spoke on except golf. I couldn’t listen to Fine and thought he was a try hard. Malthouse and Hogg added nothing with the special comments that they were supposed to be there to give. I like Andy Maher although he he talks too much but has great knowledge. Dan Harford would be a welcome return in my book. Just an opinion but far better line up than last year for mine.


Got a bertocchi ham to give away to our best caller, ler us know have Essendon being punished enough for the drugs saga.


Yeah I find this quite amusing too.


Brayshaw to call Friday nights on Ch7. Please no.


He’s at least better than Brian Taylor.
Yes, I realise that’s not exactly setting the bar high.


And the thread has gone full circle!



You can kind of tune out to BT’s inane commentary but you cant tune out the Brayshaw’s CONSTANT YELLING!!!


BT and Brayshaw > basil.


Brayshaw > Basil > A giant pile of rotting horse turds >>> Essendon12 >>>>>>>>>>>> BT


Basil is worse than the drug saga.


Agree! Much prefer BT to Brayshaw. His try hard over the top commentary is terrible. BT is at least occasionally amusing.


Understood, but you know about social media? Any chance you get to have a rant, just go for it !