A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Hopefully hutchy bans that ■■■■ wit Colbert from SEN. The less platforms he has to air his poison, the better.


Much as I dislike Whately, he probably will improve the quality of talent on air at SEN.

However, members of the “Hutchies mates” clique are filtering into the programs. Perennial blokey types such as Pickers has a spot, Dr Turf is paired up with Bartlett. You can just imagine the studio or how it would be if its wasn’t for workcare.



Really? When? I mean, I’d really like to know. Generally speaking, he’s about as funny as testicular cancer.


I find BT amusing at times also, however what I find amusing you may not.

Can’t think of anything in particular at the moment but he doesn’t seem to take himself seriously like others who think they are the oracles of footy.


Apparently Bruce is scaling his commitments right back. Probably health related unfortunately.


Brian Taylor just does not shut the fark up. He verbally vomits all over a game with his incessant, inane drivel and boys’-club jokey asides. I dread watching our games when I know that clown is on-the-mic, and the sound is immediately muted and replaced by the best available radio call.

He’s not Robinson Crusoe in that regard though. Most of them have verbal diarrhea these days (both football and cricket commentators) and would do well to adhere to the late, great Richie Benaud’s credo - let the action do the talking, and talk only when you have have something to say which adds to the call. Jason Bennett is about the only one capable of a vaguely intelligent & understated commentary (which is probably why he’s never landed a main gig).


I agree re that. Perhaps they get paid ‘words per minute’.:slight_smile:


I still don’t know why we need play-by-play commentary at all on TV. I I watch a game live I don’t have commentary.

In my mind its just a left over from the days when this new medium, Television, started broadcasting sports events and you know “TV is just like radio with pictures” so we need to have commentators…even though I can see what is going on…that’s the ‘vision’ part of the word television.

All I need for commentary is:

  • An introduction at the start of the game
  • Crowd noise
  • Updates on injuries, interchanges, some stats
  • A summary of the state of play at the breaks


Does anyone here listen to radio commentary when at a game ? How hoes it enhance the game day experience? Which commentators provide this added value for you?


Agreed, ever since fox brought in press red for Ed I’ve wondered why they can’t bring in press red for shut the fark up


I do, it does help in terms of stats and they obviously have the benefit of a replay if a decision is dodgy.


Can you rank the stations? I might give it a try next season, unless the internet stream chops out too much.


whole lotta agreeing with this.

not only do we get commentators, we get an absurd amount of them.

tv exec: “what’s better than 1 commentator? 7!”


One of my favourite posts, ever.


I’d like to see Brayshaw and Bruce have a massive punch on. It would save me a lot of trouble.


lol - Bruce in a punch-on…


I didn’t say it would be a good punch on. More like a scrag fight.


More like seeing how fast and far a screaming Bruce can run…


That’s harsh on BT


Depends on the commentators. Love Tony Leonard, hate Dwayne Russel. Love ABC but hate whately (gone now).
Triple M is Ok
With sen, like Grandlan, hate lots of others.

Best bet is to just pick one and give them a few games.

It’s also much more tolerable when your team is actually playing well