A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I am with Mr Sunbury - I fail to see why the word ‘misogynist’ was included in Whateley’s question - I suppose we all make mistakes when asking or answering questions.


Seriously, who are all you people who listen to SEN between 9-12 on a mother farking WEDNESDAY?


Unless of course, Larkin is also a data-manipulating misogynist, and anyone agreeing with them is a misogynist, including misogynistic misogynists.


It’s bullshit.
It’s akin to the old example of “what do you say about those who may accuse you of being a wife-beater?”
A ■■■■■■■ spineless around-the-corner whimpy question, meant to create sensation and typical of the weak-livered pos wakely licking scum-bag.


Larkins view point was actually backed up by Kate Sheehan who has:
a: done a knee
b: is female

She says many things about the difference and went on to say when woman are ovulating their joints become even looser (up to 7-8 times normal) much like when a woman is pregnant.

So i guess men, in this case Kennett and Larkin can be correct despite not being female.


“Sublux of the shoulder boys”


Ahah, but you can be correct and still be a sexist misogynist. Am I doing it right ?


Nah it’s actually not. Well unless your wife was standing next to you black and blue from a beating. Of course there are people who will accuse Kennett of misogyny for taking the stance he has…the question was valid and it was a golden opportunity to address it rationally…sadly his response was predictable.


Whately seems to have met his KPIs on this one. At least on the Blitz, that is.


Luke Ball likes this.




Thank you Darli. Saved me from responding and I agree entirely.


I haven’t heard anything other than what I’ve read, but Whateley saying that feels more like he was baiting Kennett.

I think anyone would be annoyed if someone has been trotted out the old “everyone thinks you’re a gutless c*ck, care to comment?” disguised as a question. It’s basically a direct insult, and anyone would be annoyed if they’re trying to bring up seemingly reasonable points. Whateley is smart enough to know exactly what he was doing in baiting someone. I’m not sure Kennett came there to discuss what people thought of him. Either debate the facts or get someone who will, but it really makes thoughtful and smart debate impossible when you resort to that kind of stuff. It doesn’t help anyone other than hoping SEN gets more hits and air time.


It’s not an argument, it’s biology. Though it doesn’t mean women can’t play decent quality sport.


I think you should listen to it before condemning Whateley.


Interview from From 25.40
The “Question” @35.50


Listening to that only confirms my opinion that it was a completely unnecessary question.
Anyone who thinks otherwise is being deliberately provocative, just like Whateley, for no positive reason.


My wife has called him out a few times when he’s guessed (and guessed wrong) about what the physios or docs are testing an injured player for. PCL, ACL, MCL, ACDC, yada yada. Different (suspected) injuries, different tests.

The thing is, professionally he’s actually very well respected in his field. He just loves the media spotlight, and he seems to switch his brain off when he does it.


Important to check the generally accepted meaning of words, as an old timer, struggling to keep pace with millennials, and some Blitz posters, I found the Urban Dictionary useful

Maybe I was not surprised to see the definition of FLOG, especially as it was exemplified by a well know AFL scribe.

Someone who is disliked by a person or the public because they lack any credibility or/and tries to be remain relevant within certain circles but comes across as a moron.

Example: That four eyed purple headed warrior of a journalist is the biggest flog associated with the AFL.



Think Gerard realised he put that question across in the wrong way.

But let’s not kid ourselves when it comes to Gerard Whately and Jeff Kennett, whoever wins, we lose.