A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Haha I heard Whateley talking about that on SEN this morning. The tone in his voice suggested it was not a surprise at all.


I’ve never heard this myth


Eddie really doesn’t get it, does he…


That’s terrible. Hope he’s pulled up on it


wtf… i dont get how someone who has built himself a small media empire has the stupidity to refer to an indigenous kids as a ‘black boy’


Bloke boy?


have you ever heard someone call another dude a ‘bloke boy’?


I’m no fan of Fat Ed, and he’s dug own grave with this (being a recidivist and all…), but I thought he stumbled over his words and said “bloke… boy”

Why you would refer to an adult footballer as a boy in this day and age is beyond me, but I didn’t hear it as “black”…


sounds like he mixed his words up.


now that you mention it, I think i agree with you… does seem like he is saying bloke, but then for some reason decided he wanted to say boy… probably was in two minds leading up to the sentence how he would refer to rioli and the indecision manifested in him calling him both…

yup, I take it back, nothing to see here


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Eddie really doesn’t get it, does he…

Scum. Sub human scum.


Yeah he says bloke…boy, not black, and he stumbled on his words.


I have nfi why but I actually thought he said a white boy by the name of rioli when I first watched it. I went and rewatched after comments here and have nfi why I thought I heard white.


maybe this is one of those yanny/laurel things… cause I sure as ■■■■ didn’t hear him say bloke boy…


Scum. Sub human scum.


Me? Or eddie? I’m confused.


I’m m no Eddie fan but there’s absolutely nothing in that. He clearly says bloke.


Eddie mate. Unless you’ve done something naughty we don’t know about. Like sell heroin to school children.


So you think he said white as well then? Looks like my brain is wired differently to everybody else because everybody else heard bloke or black.


He said black boy. No doubt. And then he stumbled on the rest of the sentence because he realised what had just come out of his mouth.