A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


What point are you trying to make?

You could say that about any football broadcast anywhere in the word.


Are you suggesting a quota? Hmmm…


Did Sam Newman retire or die or something?


He dropped that this might be the last show done in studio (next week elsewhere for GF) as 9 might be dumping the footy show as it currently stands and he won’t be back. he’s been doing it for 25 years.


Whatever system they use now has certainly resulted in a lot of white, male, middle-aged brainless idiots.


Just like Blitz and Big Footy !!!


Im not middle aged yet!


Is Blitz meeting its quota of female participants?

I notice that the ads hosted on here seem to be targeted at males, with plenty of money to spend on IT hosting and similar stuff, ( or is that because I am involved in IT ??? ) .

Gender inequality, its rife in sport on the internet and mainstream media. Sexism. in its most pervasive form.

Why are we not enraged ?


So which SEN broadcaster do you sack and which female do you replace them with?


Sack Kevin Bartlett , replace him with Germaine Greer. Listen to the fireworks on Germaine and the Doc.


The doc and the germ


Any that aren’t Gerard Whateley.

Based purely off the entertainment value of her Instagram shtposting, I reckon Darcy Vescio should get a show.


Ideally we forget this stupidassed notion that only ex-footballers are qualified to commentate/talk about it. Which would then mean the search for on-air female talent wouldn’t be very difficult at all.


The big question is out of those 2 photos which one has the bigger collection of flogs. The top pic just edges it


Did they have the work experience kid put that advert together or something? Honestly, that is the most amateur-looking montage of people I’ve seen in a long time.


All of them
Any of them


S Newman’s day passed long ago. Even his forays into race and gender politics barely raise an eyebrow anymore. Newman, like the Footy Show has become old and irrelevant. His views are out of step with younger viewers and older viewers have become tired of his shtick. He may have made his departure from that show official last night but it has been coming for years.


Bottom one for me.


Yep, easily the bottom.


Thread hasn’t mentioned Hutchy’s fatness for a while.

Hutchy’s fat