A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie




Only you would have made that link.

Actually, Rolo too. He thinks about that a lot




There is Sam Newman the media persona and John Newman the person … sort of like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I’ve played golf with John Newman at Riversdale GC a fair few times over the years and John Newman is one of the smartest, brightest and nicest blokes going around

You just can’t imagine he is the same bloke as Sam Newman in the media

PS - Dave Culbert is also a member there and is still a very much a c*nt


l for one have welcomed the insights of the various female common potators, who offer far more insight into the game than Lingy. Although to be fair, that wouldn’t be hard. Anyway, l reckon they do a good job.


I have no doubt that the private Newman is vastly different to the ‘showbiz’ Newman and he seems like he’d be a terrific mate if you were lucky enough to know him but his media persona is tired and worn out. He might not look old due to cosmetic modifications but he sounds old. And that show is old. And his attitude towards lots of things are outdated and borderline inflammatory. It seems that his recent moanings about Muslims had more to do with raising a sinking profile than a genuine attempt at engaging in a discourse about the good and bad of multiculturalism. And if he has to resort to marginalising people in order to stay relevant then his decision to leave is a good one.


Does John (as opposed to Sam) Newman still support Trump?


Yep I’ve always thought that. All that bollocks is just for bums on seats and he’s been very effective in keeping that putrid show going.
And he stood with us during the saga.
David Culbert can go ■■■■ himself with a blunt object however.


All entertainers have to re invent themselves to maintain a good career. Newman typecast himself as the buffoon of the Footy Show, it was time for him to change his act years ago. Maybe become a quiz show host, a special comments man, move to an alternative network etc etc. However, he was a prisoner of the rolling contracts with massive money he was on and changing his career would have cost $$$$$$$$$$$, so his career has fizzled out but he has made $$$$$$ along the way .


Sam Newman is just like Shane Crawford in that if you can get them to cast aside the buffoonery, idiotry, hyperbole and showmanship for a minute, they’re actually quite intelligent and insightful in what they have to say about football.

It’s just a shame it’s the public persona that becomes omnipresent since TV/Radio Networks will always cater to the lowest common denominator…


About two years ago I ran into Sam Newman at Bunnings Port Melbourne. I was with a colleague waiting in the cafe line when Newman approached from the left of where the line had formed.

He was with a woman who I assumed was some kind of interior designer as they were going through a multitude of decor options. He ordered coffee from in front of the machine instead of the line at the register. My colleague says, geez it pays to be famous, you can waltz to the front of the line. Newman heard this remark, stopped, turned around and came back to the line which had about five people in it. He asked the attendant if we were placed before him in the line, she responded in the affirmative. He then said to the attendant that he was awfully sorry for cutting the line and said he’d pay for everyone’s items that were in the line before him by her adding them to his own order.

True to his word, he fixed the whole lot, food, drinks, coffee, everything. On my way out of the cafe, I approached him and said thanks and that my perception of him was completely false given what I’d just witnessed. He shook my hand and said he appreciated my honesty and then said on TV I’m Sam Newman, but off the set I’m John Newman and we’re nothing alike. He then wished me a good day and also said goodbye as he left around an hour later. I’ll never forget that experience as it taught me a valuable lesson.


John Newman ( & Sam for that matter ) was consistent supporter of EFC during the saga.

It was almost as if he understood that more than anything else, it was a media pile on


I get that some genuinely don’t like SEN and I also get that it’s not cool to like SEN but I wouldn’t listen to anything else. I really like what Hutchy has done with the lineups and rapt that the likes of Robbo, Denham, Culbert, Leach and Allen have all disappeared.

I don’t love Whately in general but his show and guests are generally very interesting and his overall sport knowledge is excellent. Lyon and Tim have a great rapport and the morning is great listening. Radar is ok and has great knowledge and is humble but talks too much and Doc is suited to the Sat morn two hours with Hutch and Pickering but is terrible with KB.

Hutch is putting his nuts on the line and I hope that it pays off cause the ratings aren’t great at present. Of course being Australian we’ll have a crack at his weight and hope he fails cause that’s what we do.


Whereas I hope he loses them in a nasty car door incident.


You know how you all hate the AFL media? How they are obsessed with scandal and rumour and off field crap, how they don’t actually talk about football much anymore?

That’s Hutchys fault. All of it. He started it on the Footy Show and and he’s gone on to procure almost all of the football media and mould it in his image. He’s a dirtbag. Everyone should hate him.


How about this bit of Sliding Doors nonsense.

If anyone in early 2016 predicted that delisted Cat Mitch Brown would still be on Essendon’s list in 2019 …
then we’re predicting they’re a good liar.

How can you suggest that someone is a “liar”, when they predict a future they cannot control? Furthermore, it’s a nonsense to “predict” that a person lied in the past.

It seems that at the Purple school of philosophy they “predict” things that happened in the past. Amazing


He’s turned ■■■■ and wind into a whole industry, and making millions off it.


I’ve told this story before but I was at a convention of some sort talking to his brother who said the last time he spoke to him was just before his own wedding - which hutchinson didn’t attend as he was too busy with work.
Called him something that sort of rhymes with shocking punt, and bid me good day.


Yeah right. Dirtbag, all Hutchy’s fault. Mate you are giving him an awful lot of credit. The only journo to report on off field stuff ever. The public devour it and players told him stuff and he’s built a business on it by working 24 hour days. Good luck to him.


This is ban worthy.