A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I see the NRL footy show has been axed. Apparently 9 turning their attention to the AFL footy show now.


Did Erin Molin become host of that show recently?


Best thing about Collingwood losing another gf = Eddie McGuire. Easily, so easily.


That’d be four out of five correct


Actually the NRL show was actually much better than the AFL Show. We watched it even though we are not rugby followers. Those NRL guys are very funny. The AFL Footy Show has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for sometime. It surely won’t be missed by a lot of people.

Thanks Sam for supporting the J34 group.


I agree the NRL one was much better. It was funny, but still focused on the sport. The AFL Footy Show was great when it started, then it morphed into a sport version of Hey Hey it’s Saturday and it’s the core focus was gone and just became ■■■■■.


Used to watch the NRL footy show sometimes in the early 2000’s and it was actually pretty funny, I think it had the AFL one covered.

Not sure what happened in the last 10 years but when I’ve seen it a few times it had lost its buzz about it. Having Slater on there didn’t help.


Yeah, It essentially died when they had the shake up and wound up booting Sterlo.

It was the beginning of the end.


I reckon the NRL Footy Show began to change after Fatty had his car accident. When he came back it was a different format he had to fit into to. Was still streets ahead of the AFL Footy Show.


And the birth of a new "reality"series, “Tradies of Cranbourne” following the lives of a Plumber, Chippy, Tiling contractor, Lecko and their wives, including the dreaded Architects, avaricious Real Estate Agents and rich Developers that control their lives.


I’d watch that.




Thought this appropriate to this thread. And LOL at his explanation.:

Sunrise panel stunned at Kochie’s Usain Bolt slavery ‘joke’

Nick Bond, news.com.au

40 minutes ago

SUNRISE co-host David Koch left his co-stars visibly stunned on-air this morning when he made a “clumsy” reference to slavery during a news item about Jamaican-born athlete Usain Bolt.

Koch was on a panel alongside co-host Sam Armytage, newsreader Natalie Barr and sports reporter Mark Beretta as Beretta read out a story about sporting great Bolt possibly being headhunted from his current position at the Central Coast Mariners Football Club.



Usain Bolt now plays for A-League club Central Coast Mariners. Picture: AFP

“So the Mariners sell him for money, they make a lot of money out of it?” asked Koch.

“It’s a win-win: You keep him, great. You sell him, so be it. That’s the tough world of professional football,” said Beretta.

“Who said slavery was over — anyway. No,” said Koch, stumbling over his words before quickly changing topic.

The cameras soon cut away from the host — but not before the rest of the panel reacted to Koch’s clanger.

Koch’s co-hosts react to his comment.

In an email to News Corp, Koch conceded he’d phrased the comment “clumsily.”

“We were talking about how good it is for Bolt and the Mariners at news he was getting offers from European clubs.

“Basically the use of the word slavery is a reference I’ve used to defend players who want to trade clubs or change jobs in sport … that you can’t keep them… it’s a free world. There’s no slavery any more. People have rights,” he said.


“I admit it was clumsily put this morning when talking about Bolt shifting clubs so early and I probably should have explained it better.”

Kochie’s clanger comes a month after Sunrise was found to have breached the TV code of practice over a March 13 segment on Indigenous children that was deemed “highly offensive, racist and divisive”.


I saw what he said. You could see what he was going to say and then stopped knowing he was going to cross a line.

You would think that as a senior person in the media game he would be smart enough to not even start saying something like that.


Gosh…the same 4 people on Sunrise more than 5 years after I last watched.


Non issue. Next.


Is anyone anywhere using comments like ‘slavery doesn’t exist anymore’ when referring to job changes or recruitment?

Just an odd thing to say, and an odd response.


Don’t forget - this is the same prick that said he was so tired, he’d sleep like the dead - when covering the Christchurch earthquake. Followed by the palm trees on the west coast putting him in the mood for a cocktail - when covering the mining tragedy in Greymouth, NZ



Champagne, warm ■■■■… Basically the same thing?