A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Your first para is spot on.

Don’t think many equity analysts agree with the second one though.


I would say more that, he’s cunning and he’s a ■■■■.


Yep this will be exactly right


Also, buying the Record is odd I reckon. I used to love it and would buy it every week. But i haven’t bought one since I owned a smartphone and I bet I’m not the only one in that boat


Someone here said a Record was $10 now.

That’s not fkn true, is it??


I think I remember being shocked when it went from 20¢ to 50¢… bidding war, who’s the oldest fart here?


I paid $5 about 3 years ago, haven’t bought one since, so don’t know how much it costs now.


I know the last time I was aware of the price, . it was $2.


I reckon Noonan may have on he bottled long ago.

He’s odd like that.


Crocmedia has all the content it needs given the symbiotic relationship with the in-house AFL Media. Plus they have an extremely captive audience given the passion for AFL. One could argue that the AFL’s approach to take on newspapers at their own game has contributed to the struggles papers are facing. It is very tough to make money when a news staple like footy that would result in paper sales is competing agianst a free news service provided by the AFL. Also let’s not forget the AFL Media have the inside running on everything given they are in-house.

Another great example of how Hutchy has benefited from the AFL relationship is Trade Radio. This service which he helped to establish has basically created the juggernaut that is now the trade period. Some people are arguing that trade week is now the biggest thing in footy. I am comfortable in saying that Hutchy would not have paid a cent for these rights but he would have made a fortune from it. Some of it is good management but most of it relates to how the AFL basically has allowed the trade period and speculation to grow exponentially with Hutchy’s business driving the agenda. Just look at how his right hand man Damian Barrett started this story that Shiel nearly went to Fark Carlton at the last minute. It was absolute crap - there was no way they would have offered a deal to beat pick 9 and another pick, but hey don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

On a side point I’m hearing Barrett is off to work for the AFL Media. Leaves me with little doubt it will just be a matter of time before the Crocmedia take over of AFL Media is announced.


burn 'em all


Patrick Keane has moved from his job as AFL Media Manager, the stated reason being to work more closely with the Commission ( whatever that means). If the Footy Show does go on, Baarett won’t be on it. So, perhaps an AFL job ?




Earthenware pot, surely?


True. His listed empire Pacific Star , including Crocmedia for 6 months made a $15M loss last year and will need to improve. Its selling at about 60% of its peak earlier in the year.


Jesus how old are you


I’m bearded but I don’t claim to be Jesus. Noonan can confirm, he says he was there for the crucifixion.


Jesus had long flowing hair right?

(Come on you left yourself open)


Saw that coming.
Did they have the record back then and did you move Hudson to CHF


So did I, once.