A Mr Bean Thread

Um, i don’t know if some of you are familiar with British comedy and it’s been a while since I’ve been on these boards, but this screen capture from Rowan Atkinson’s “Mr Bean” always makes me smile.

A blonde kindergartener just innocently walks off with Bean’s swim trunks, her Mum and Dad are oblivious, and all Bean can do is look on in horror!

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I also enjoy the comedy stylings of Rowan Atkinson.

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I may or may not laugh like a child when I see him get the spot vacuum stick on his tongue at the dentist.

Reckon Mr Bean used to be on just about every Qantas and Ansett flight in the 90s.

This has the makings of an all time great blitz thread.

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Nothing boomers like more than 90s comedy with no rude words.

Two episodes of Mr Bean and you’d seen his entire repertoire.


Silent generation, not so much

The first movie is a cracker as well. Second film is awful.

hows the 3rd?


The ‘fixing’ the painting scene traumatised LMW.

I saw Blackadder before I ever saw Mr.Bean, so I’ve always wondered what happened in Rowan Atkinson’s career that caused such a massive drop off in writing levels?

I’m not saying bean is bad, I don’t mind it, but Blackadder is in a completely different class.


Little Imp in Yellow Swimsuit should have been spun off from Mr Bean. Given that real life 12 year old girl who works as a journo in the USA, Little Imp in Yellow Swimsuit could have been a live action Super Ted. Although she’d be a bit cold in that skimpy swimsuit trying to fly around the UK fighting assorted bad guys and near-do-wells…

Come to think of it, Super Ted itself sounds like a drug-induced revamp of Doctor Who. Specially as one of the enemies Super Ted faces is a living skeleton that’s played like a gay stereotype. Think the Anthony Ainley version of the Master.

Not being written by Ben Elton??

Ahhh they are completely different comedy styles, the fact rowan atkinson can do both to absolute perfection is a testament to his ability. Both are comedy gold.

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