A question for the old-timers

you remember the jumper saga? BAck in the good old days when that was most upsetting thing our club had experienced in our lifetimes…?

There was an extraordinary general meeting. A bunch of us went.

I have a recollection of there being an old timer who played under Coleman in the 60s… maybe a premiership player. He got up and had his (brilliant, passionate and amazing) say…

Does anyone remember who that was?

Or was I smoking something and I am remembering a dream…?

Were there any opther notable people at that meeting?


I remember a lot of passionate people, no-one specific though sorry!

What were they looking to change ?

Alec Epis used to oppose absolutely everything suggested by the powers that be.

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The jumper

Would there be a thread on in captured in the tine capsule?

I seem to recall the really old stuff was archived somewhere??

Otherwise ask @Mero (is mero still a thing?)

i get that but in what way?

Clash jumper

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The grey jumper from when Goddard was playing?

Wool to nylon.:smiley:

15-20 years ago? I think Alec Epis might have been the guy, actually.

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Ask Mero about the 2006 jumper fiasco?
The AFL decreed that all clubs would have two jumpers for 2007.
Essendon & Collingwood supporters banded together in collecting signatures to present to the AFL.
I represented Essendon with Jeff Corfe from Collingwood in presenting them to the AFL Head Office.
All told there were something like 20,000 signatures.
It was soon discovered that the club management had entertained Clash designs for a few years, and were quite happy to accept another revenue stream, the Essendon Clash jumper.
They happily blamed it on the AFL and explained that their hands were tied, they had to accept the AFL’s two jumper edict.
So we wore this:


Honestly felt like a part of me died when we started wearing a clash jumper.


I miss Puma and the 3 mobile days

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@Bacchusfox is a old timer


That jumper’s better than the grey thing. At least it’s red and black.

I was at the footy on the weekend and saw a guy in the MCG dunnies with the grey jumper. Why would you? I mean, seriously, why would you (a) spend your hard-earned on that jumper and (b) keep it and (c) wear it to the footy long after it had been rejected as the clash jumper? Unless he was taking the p1ss.


Uh, the gold jacket wearing rock spider?

Also a pathetically bad pro wrestling manager. His ego was so big that he refused to play the natural coward he was.

Must have been interesting.

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He was in the dunny. Taking a p 1ss
I hope anyway :laughing: