A Story Of Survival

I thought this was a powerful story that highlights how difficult it is in a lot of places around the world. I am sure we have all read many of these stories, to me I always get emotional and wish i could do more to help others whose lives are far more difficult than mine has ever been.

What’s the point of me starting a thread on this? Nothing I just thought is a was a powerful story of survival in a harsh world.


Not sure I’d be as forgiving toward my attackers as Ms Gobanga.

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Or those who tried to reject her.

Very strong woman.

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No doubt about it.

It is a powerful story and there are so many like that. So many people in disadvantaged situations that can look at the best life has to offer.
We really do have a lot of first world problems and it doesn’t hurt every now and then to be reminded to be thank furl for what we have.
When my late sister’s family would say to her “isn’t it a beautiful day” she would reply. “everyday is a beautiful day for us”
It really reminds us to look at what we have, and not what we don’t have.

Thanks for posting @IceTemple

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Amazing story. Puts our day to day struggles in perspective. We’ve got nothing to complain about